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5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses To Replace Your Headphones [Updated]

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It is no longer news that things change easily in this digital world especially gadgets, best wireless Bluetooth sunglasses with headphones was designed to overpower the normal Bluetooth headset because it comes with amazing features which makes it better than portable Bluetooth and other types of Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth sunglasses with headphones is one of the trending gadgets in the world market today, this technology device was designed in a fantastic way that makes it special for other devices.

Wireless Bluetooth sunglasses were designed for many purposes, it will allow you to listen to music or radio on the go, also allow you to pick voice calls and other purposes.

Bluetooth audio sunglasses with headphones is for walkers, bikers, drivers, and runners.

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This awesome device has many features that make it stand out from other Bluetooth, some of them are;

  • Noice cancelation
  • Handfree calling
  • Over UV 400 Lens
  • Bone conduction
  • Bluetooth 5.0

If you are a music lover and you like to buy Bluetooth sunglasses with headphones, you have found the right article because you don’t need to stumble on Amazon, or other online stores before you get the beautiful and quality Bluetooth sunglasses.

The 5 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses You Can Buy Right Now

Here are the 5 best Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses with has inbuilt Headphones, headsets and Earphones check out the list below.

Bose Frames Tenor – Rectangular Polarized, Bluetooth Sunglasses

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Bose Frames Tenor are one of the best Bluetooth audio sunglasses in the market currently, with the best price value for customer’s reviews.

Bose Frames Tenor – Rectangular Polarized, Bluetooth Sunglasses has the ability to play music, connect to A. I with the help of the left button on this device you can access Google Assistant, Bixby and Siri, sweat resistance.

Also, inbuilt battery 115mAH Lithium polymer stand by which have the ability to last up to 100 hours of playing time, last less than 100 hours depending on the volume level, this super battery charging time is about 1 hour by charging cable included in the package.

And other awesome features which make it different from other audio sunglasses.

Features Bose Frames Tenor Audio Sunglasses.

New Viber Bone Conduction Speaker which allows the speaker to transmit sound waves to skill through vibration | Hand-free Calling | Bluetooth 5.0 (for instant paring a strong connection up to 10m) | IPX4 Water Resistant | Polarized Hard Coating 100% UV400 Lens | Noise cancellation or A. I have voice control Compatibility for any device, computer, tablet and smartphone.

More description about Bose Frames Tenor .

FP profile 1.7 | Lens UV400 | Bluetooth 5.0 | HSP profile 1.2 wireless range | Weight 50g (0.11lb)

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your music lovers friends or family you need to consider buy Zungle audio sunglasses because it is one of the best wireless Bluetooth with headphones.

GELETE Smart Glasses Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses

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GELETE smart glasses wireless sunglasses is the second on our list for the best Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses with Headphones, these particular audio sunglasses is convenient for driving, riding with comfortable earbuds which will make you enjoy your journey.

GELETE Bluetooth sunglasses with headphones awesome gadgets is featured Bluetooth 4.1 technology, also comes with perfect sound quality at the same time have the ability to receive a perfect voice call, likewise report phone number when the call is coming.

These Bluetooth Sunglasses with Headphones support both hands-free profile and headset. GELETE Bluetooth audio sunglasses comes with special features including


A I. Voice control (Outside noise cancellation)

GELETE sunglasses with headphones are suitable for both men and women it has the ability to protect your eyes under strong sunlight, it supports laptops, iPad, tablet, and other smartphones.

Horizon Outdoor Alien 5 Born Conduction Audio Sunglasses

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Horizon Outdoor Alien 5 born conduction sunglasses wireless is one of best audio Bluetooth sunglasses, you can listen to music and listen it sounds around this awesome device comes with special features including,


Inbuilt Bone conductor speaker | Water-resistant | USB connectivity | Outside noise control | 250mAH rechargeable battery | 10 days Standby time | 3-4 hours music time (depending on the volume and sound source) | 4-5 conversation time | Micro USB charging port | 2 hours charging time |10m Bluetooth distance |Weight of 32g | Bluetooth chip: CSR Bluetooth 4.1, and other awesome features.

Bonetech Bone Conduction headphone Sunglasses Wireless Safety Bluetooth Glasses Pro

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Bonetech audio sunglasses is one of the best Bluetooth sunglasses in 2019 with headphones that give you more than your money

These spectacular sunglasses is with bone conduction technology which you have the ability to hear the sound through the borns in your head because there are no earbuds stuffed into your ears, this will also give you the opportunity to listen to the outside sound.

Bonetech bone conduction headphone sunglasses come with numerous features including


250mAH Li-ion Battery | Bluetooth version: 4.0 | 10 meters distance effective | Standby time of 500 hours |5-8 hours playtime | 2.402 – 2.480GHZ Operating frequency | Weight: 55g.m

Horizon Outdoor Alien 5 Bone Conduction glasses Bluetooth 4.1

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Horizon Outdoor is one of the best Bluetooth glasses with headphones you can found anywhere both in online and offline stores, not sunglasses this time around. This beautiful gadget supports bone conduction which transfers the sound waves through the bone in your head so that you can hear the sound,

Horizon Outdoor glasses Bluetooth also allow you to listen to the outside sound which is good for you especially if you driving or riding a bicycle. This special audio sunglasses Bluetooth is compatible with iPad, tablet, any smartphone and laptop.

Horizon outdoor audio sunglasses can be used with prescription lenses which means you can replace your sunglasses lens at any time, this gadget comes with free transparency.

These bone conduction headphones sunglasses didn’t have any negative effects on your body


Bluetooth version 4.1 | Conversation Time: 4-5 hours (depending on the volume of the sound) | Standby Time: 10 days | Waterproof: IP67 | Weight: 32g | Charging Time: 2 hours | Battery: 250mAH.

Horizon Outdoor Technical features

USB connectivity | Wireless | Water resistance | Available for exercise and sports.

Wrapping Up best Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses with Headphones Review

This high spec revolutionary technology combines fashion and daily needs. Now you can finally have a speck Mobile phone accessories can receive calls and listen to music with the amazing microphone connected with speck and with Bluetooth function that ensures you can connect with your Smartphones.

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