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How to Record a Phone Call On Android & iPhone For Free

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Back in the days, I remember trying to memorize verification codes for my Gmail account when I received a call from Google. Unknown to me, I could just record that call and replay it as many times as I wanted until I got the code right.

If you’re just like me and you’re now looking for a way to record a phone call on your iPhone or Android device for free, you will happy to know that there are lots of options available.


One thing about free call recorder apps is that while they allow you to record phone conversations, they do not offer any real security that you can rely on.

Fortunately, there are many free options that will actually get the job done without comprising your privacy.

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Record A Phone Call Without The Other Person Knowing

In this guide, you will find apps that help you to record a phone call without the other person knowing. However, it might be in your best interest to inform the person on the other end of the line.

Depending on your location, it may be illegal to record a phone call without informing the person on the other end.

How to Record Call On iPhone

There are several ways to record calls on iPhone. The problem with iPhone devices is that Apple’s security measures don’t allow third-party apps to access the microphone (which you need to record calls).

Using Google Voice

how to record a phone call

Google Voice is the best free app to record calls on iPhone. The only issue with this option is that you can’t record outgoing calls but only incoming calls.

To record a call on iPhone using Google Voice, you would have to first download the app and set up an account. Once your account is activated, you would have to enable call recording so that your phone conversations are automatically recorded and saved as an MP3 file.

To do so

  • Go to the main Google Voice homepage
  • Click on the gear icon on the upper left-hand side of the window.
  • On the calls section, turn on the incoming call options

To record a call, tap on the number 4 of your phone’s keypad while making the call. You should only answer the phone using your Google Voice phone number within the Google Voice app.

If you use the native iPhone phone app your phone is linked to, the person on the other end of the line will be notified that the call is being recorded. When done recording, tap on 4 again or end the call and the recording will be automatically saved.

You can find your recorded calls under the Calls and Voicemail tabs or in Google Voice’s list of voicemail recordings.

Using Third-Party Apps

There are other ways to record a call on iPhone. Some are free though they also have a paid version.

  • Rev Call Recorder
  • TapeACall
  • iPadio
  • Call Recorder FREE by Component Studios

Remember that while these free apps could help you record phone conversations on your iPhone, they do not offer the best in terms of security.

This is the reason why Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to access the microphone of its devices in the first place.

How To Record Calls on IPhone Using Voice Memo

Voice memo is a native app on your iPhone that allows you to record phone calls. With just a single tap of a button, you can record both sides of the conversation.

The problem with using this app is that it accidentally records surrounding sounds. In the end, you would end up with a poor recording that could make it a little hard to pick up the sound of the call.

How To Record Calls on Android

To record a call on android, you would have to use the native voice recording app, Google Voice, or third-party apps. Though with Android devices, it is easier to record a phone conversation and there are lots of free voice recordings apps to choose from. However, once again, you should consider your security while going for these free options.

How to Record A Call On Android Using Google Voice

How to Record a Phone Call On Android

To record calls on your Android device using Google Voice, simply follow the exact steps I listed in the iPhone section.

How to Record A Call On Android Using Third-Party Apps

On the Google Play Store, you will find lots of call recording apps that allow you to record phone calls secretly. Some are free, others require a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can check out these options and go for any that tickles your fancy.

Android App To Record Phone Calls Secretly

  • CallApp
  • Call Recorder Automatic
  • Automatic Call Recorder

How To Record Calls on Android Using Voice Recorder

Android devices come with an in-built voice recorder that allows you to record phone conversations without the person on the other end of the line knowing. It works in a similar way as the voice memo app on iOS devices and it does have the same flaws.

Overall, using this voice recorder is the best way to record phone calls if you don’t want to worry about security or take the long process of downloading and install an app.

Things To Note Before Downloading A Call Recorder App

Read the Terms and Conditions

No one really reads the terms and conditions of any app these days, but when it comes to call recorder apps it is important that you do.

You want to be sure that your call records aren’t saved and shared with a third-party so read through the terms and conditions to check if they suit you.

Check the Permissions

To use any app on your phone, you will have to give them access to your phone. For third-party camera apps or social media apps, you have to give them access to your camera and media.

For voice recorder apps, you will have to give them access to your microphone. There may be more things you need to allow. Check the app occasionally to make sure it does not have access to something that it shouldn’t or this could compromise your security.

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