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Focus Buds Potential X Review -The World’s First Productivity Boosting Earbuds

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Nobody ever achieved real success by mistake or lack of focus.Without actual seriousness and focus you would find a hard time being successful in any endeavor.These include office work, exercise, and many others.

 In a world polluted by noise from different entities, being focused enough to achieve a goal either on the office desk or anywhere at all is proving harder and harder by the day, Thus presenting the focus buds potential x.This focus buds potential x is the world’s first productivity Boosting Earbuds.

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How The Focus Buds Work.

The ability to improve the cognitive performance of the Brain simply is by increased focus and the focus buds do exactly that.It improves your cognitive performance by using EEG Neurofeedback.

 The EEG Neurofeedback can be described as a non-invasive method for training the brain which in turn helps the overall improvement of the cognitive performance of a mind

the focus buds potential x makes use of EEG Neurofeedback biosensors all embedded.

They measure your brain’s focus level against over 400 different metrics all calculated.

They measure and monitor your brain’s activity and they also make available to you, audio feedback when it is required.

 While you are carrying out a task and for some reason, you lose focus, the focus buds easily put you back on track, helping you refocus your mind to that which you want to complete, thus taking your productivity to a whole new level.


The whole aim is to train your brain to enter a state called the flow state and at this point, you would not need the focus buds anymore,

Focus Buds Flow State

Focus Buds Flow State

The flow state can be described as a mental state where your brain is entirely focused on a particular subject or takes a large amount of time to buy, even hours and you have no idea or even notice a thing. 

Attaining this state is not an easy feat and sometimes it takes passion and sheer determination to get here but the question remains, what if the work at hand is important but you have no passion or you are bored by it?

The simple answer, is you need the focus buds potential x.

Focus buds teach and train your mind into entering the flow state faster and without requiring the necessary qualities of entering that state. 

It helps you get there in a shorter time and helps you attain and sustain this state for a longer time. Being this focused means only one thing and that is Productivity.With this level of immense focus, you can’t help but be productive because lots of time and focus is invested into whatever the task is and results are attained soonest.

 powerful noise isolation tech

If you are serious-minded and you really want to reach your full potential then the magic is focus buds potential x. 

You would never regret it. Another way to describe this is a wearable Earbud for cognitive enhancement and it is definitely of the future.It helps you boost your focus and take you to all states of maximum productivity.

It does more than just help you concentrate as a matter of fact. It has great and powerful noise isolation tech. This keeps you isolated from the environment.You can’t be influenced by whatever the activity of the person beside you except they make some physical contact and it’s going to be one big physical contact to knock you off.

 You can put on the music wirelessly and you won’t get the distraction or noise from the environment allowing you to soak yourself deep into your work.

Potential x Focus Buds Vs Other Earbuds

Potential x Focus Buds Vs Other Earbuds

Pros of Potential x Focus Buds

  1. Time-Saving: 
Potential x Focus Buds time saving

Researchers and studies have shown that using the focus buds by potential x saves you a mind-blowing 20,000 hours of work in your lifetime.This means you are going to be all-around productive and so much that you can achieve great things in a short amount of time.

 You could even choose to require early and enjoy your life to the fullest.It allows you the chance to become a total expert at any skill, even twice as good as you could ever be in a shorter time.

  1. Getting the most of our time
Getting the most of our time

Results are everything in life. Your method’s review is determined by your results, your respect, your person, and your entire being is dependent on the quality of results that emerges from you,

and one way to get the best results for yourself is simply the focus buds potential x. 

There is a certain rule called the 80/20 rule.

This rule states that 80% of our results are dependent on 20% of our work, this doesn’t mean 80% of our work is useless, it simply means our work generates 4 times

the weight in results.

 It means we don’t have to do so much work to be equal. As a matter of fact, we only have to do 20% of the work which gives us 4 times the amount of results.

With the focus buds potential x, you literally will get so much time to work due to focus and lack of distractions that the result would become a normal thing and you would be the best around you.

  1. Battery life
focus buds Battery life

This is one of the biggest and best features of this particular gadget. It has long-lasting battery life.You would most likely get over 8hrs of work time with this gadget and a good amount of time to be reminded that it needed recharging. 

8hrs of unwavering focus is no small feat and you will be achieving a lot with such amounts of focus every day. 

Focus Bud’s potential x battery life also makes it one of the most reliable, in a full charge you could get as long as over 8hrs but even on a short charge you can also get a couple of hours, which is in a way compared to the time in which it was charged.

  1. Value for price
Potential x Focus Buds value for money

This is a perfect example of “good things don’t come easy”. Many may see this as quite expensive but that would be because they don’t know the value of that which they see or want to get. 

When you have used this once and for some reason you need another, you would be willing to pay twice the initial price and yet even more.It is totally good value for money and you will never regret it. 

Whatever establishment you work, in would feel your impact because the quality of work and thus the quality of result you would deliver would be absolutely unimaginable and compared to none.

Possible Cons

  1. Price

This is more of a disadvantage to the company than to users. The focus buds potential x goes for different prices on different platforms but is sold for around $400.

Many people don’t believe in its abilities, many don’t believe it’s possible for something to increase one’s focus. 

They mostly believe focus is a feature that cannot be manipulated and it’s not possible for a machine to be able to do that. This influences the value people attach to it. 

They don’t want to pay that much for it. That aside, some people who are not in the category of the above but still find the amount of money too much also exist.

  1. The danger of environmental isolation
Focus bud environmental isolation

The focus buds potential x is very effective, perhaps too effective that it can totally isolate you from your environment, causing you to be unaware and if something negative is happening it may take a while for you to notice. 

It is most advisable to use it in the office or a house where there is someone else.You may be completely isolated if you don’t hear the door or the food in the oven etc.

Focus Buds Potential X Testimonies

Focus Buds Potential X Testimonies

Focus Buds Potential X FAQs

Do Focus Buds require you to subscribe?

Definitely No! It comes with a 6-month FM free feature. It necessarily doesn’t have to be redeemed or used.

But you do not have to make subsequent payments to the company to use it. Once bought it is yours

Can I listen to normal music?

listen to normal music with focus bud

You can listen to any kind of music you want.

As a matter of fact, the sound quality from it is out of this world. One of the functions of the isolation feature is great music quality.

What exactly is EEG Neurofeedback?

What exactly is EEG Neurofeedback

This can be described as a training type on your brain that uses feedback in real-time to condition and monitor your brain, allowing it to achieve certain states described as neutral or flow States which won’t be normally accomplished. 

Potential x uses this technology on its focus buds to help individuals focus even more strongly on whatever they are doing helping them achieve quality results.

It also eliminates procrastination and removes all distractions.

Are they the same as the BCI devices?

The fashionability and discretion of this device when worn on you means you can wear it publicly and either it doesn’t get noticed or it hits people as really cool and fashionable.

Taking the traditional EEG Neurofeedback, you have to do at the hospital. 

Having to book dates with the doctor, but with the focus buds, it happens right inside your home and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.To answer the question above, No! They are not the same.

How much EMF does it produce?

The device has a low output power. It is a Bluetooth 5.0 class 2 device. The reason for this is for safety. Its max output is 0.025 which is absolutely safe

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