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How To Track AirPods & Find Your Lost AirPods & its Cases

How To Track Airpods

AirPods is one of the latest phone and laptop accessories, and it is must have for every music lovers, it is more better than earphones and other music accessories for phone or laptop accessories

Currently, Apple AirPods is sold for $206.76, or more based on your location and store, either online or offline store, but you can buy it from this price on Amazon, eBay,

Best buy and other popular and trusted online retailer store in United States, likewise other AirPods for Android and other phones and laptop.

AirPods is one of the most used phone accessories because it is more than the older versions, like headset, earphones and others, but AirPods comes with more features and specifications including, wireless, smarter, Bluetooth connection, portable, charging spot and other specifications.

As AirPods comes with incredible features, it also has some disadvantages one of the them is that it’s easy to lose.

If you are the type of person that forget something easily then it is very easy for you to forget your AirPods case or a single AirPod at the mall, office, gym even at home, especially when changing your clothes.

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If you have lost your AirPods case or a single AirPod because either once or twice, then there is no more problem for you because this article will educate you on how to track AirPods whenever you lost it.

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There are numerous ways or method of tracking Air Pods and it’s case, here are the easy method to follow;

How To Find Your AirPods Case When It Is Offline

This method will educate you on how to find AirPods when offline, If you forgot your AirPods case anywhere and it run out if battery, then it will automatically go offline.

How to find and Find AirPods

if you are iPhone user then need to use Find my iPhone, immediately the AirPods will show up as offline at the first time you try to find it after losing it.

With his process you can navigate the last location of the AirPods when it was online.

Follow this simple process and you track and find your lost AirPods and case,

  • Step 1. Locate and click the Find my iPhone app on your iPhone and click the AirPods on the list.
  • Step 2. Now if it is showing grey dot, that means the AirPods is offline, but you can still find the AirPods last location on the map, by clicking on the car button then you will be able see the last location on the map.
  • Step 3. As soon as you reach the location of the AirPods, then you’ll have to find them in the old fashioned way – look for them.

But if you don’t have your iPhone handy, there is another alternative for you, you can track and find your AirPods by using,

Log in to your iCloud account then locate and click the Devices section to find your AirPods, this is how to track AirPods, and it is considered on the simple and easiest method of tracking and finding your lost AirPods.

How To Track Airpods & Find Your Lost AirPods & its Cases By Playing A Sound

The second method of tracking your AirPods is for iPhone users only, if you are one of them then this method will definitely work for you.

How To Track Airpods

There is a special features on your iPhone called Find my AirPods, make sure you locate it on your Find my iPhone app, then enabled Find my AirPods on Find my iPhone app, this app and features works for just one AirPod or both Air Pods and case.

Follow this simple instructions and you will be able to track your lost AirPod and AirPods case by playing sound.

  • Step 1. Locate and open the Find my iPhone app on your iPhone, if you can’t find this app on your own iPhone maybe you are using older model of iPhone, the only option that is available for you is to use your iCloud account as an alternative.
  • Step 2. Click on AirPods from the list immediately it will show up in the map, with the current location your AirPods is connected to your iPhone.
  • Step 3. Now if you can see a green dot next to the AirPods that means it is nearby and it is online, then click on Play Sound button, after clicking this button the sound of your Air Pods will increase gradually.
  • Step 4. Follow the sound, and you will be able to find your Air Pod or Air Pods case.
  • Step 5. If your AirPods is far away from you but it is still online, then you can click on Car button, after clicking this button you will get directions to the location of the AirPods.

Can You Track Air pods With Serial Number?

Currently, No you can’t

Can You Track Air Pods Track?

Can You Track Air Pods Track?

AirPods, either it is online or offline, choose any method in this article and you will be able to track your lost AirPods.

Does Air Pods have GPS tracking?

Currently, AirPods didn’t have GPS connection, based on report by The Wall Street Journal, but it uses a AirPods wireless tech to track them,

Apple use the iPhone’s GPS tech, a map that is located in Find My iPhone app, this app allows iPhone users to see the last location of the AirPods.

if you don’t have Find My iPhone app on your iPhone then you can make use of your iCloud account as an alternative to Find My iPhone app.

What do I do if I lost my AirPods?

The first thing you should do when you lost your AirPods is to check it on it on Find my iPhone app,

then click on Find my AirPods, if it is online and nearby, than you can track by playing sound.

Can you track lost AirPods?

Yes, you can track your lost AirPods, either it is online or offline, choose any method in this article and you will be able to track your lost AirPods.

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