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Maono Pd200x Review – Should You Buy The Maono Pd200x?

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The company Maono has been around since 2011 and makes audio devices. 

This includes headsets, audio connectors, and mics with XLR and USB plugs. The name is now sold in more than 153 countries worldwide and is still growing.

The Maono PD200X is a fancy dynamic microphone with a bright band of light that stays one colour or keeps changing colours.

 This gives the microphone a unique look compared to most others. Gamers and Twitch fans like this function more and more.

 In this article, we will provide a detailed review of this Maono Pd200x. Read on to learn more about this masterpiece.

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Maono Pd200x Unboxing 

What’s in the Maono PD200X Box?


I ordered Maono Pd200x to start a YouTube channel channel here inside the box. 

The box that the Maono PD200X comes in is constructed of high-quality cardboard as its packaging.

 The design of this package is straightforward, with a combination of yellow and black colours and yellow lettering throughout. 

A photograph of the microphone’s profile and the product’s full name is shown on the front of the device.

 The design of the sides of the packaging is basic and uncomplicated.

 Upon purchasing the PD200X from their official website or Amazon, the following items will be included in the packaging:

  • Microphone
  • Shock Mount
  • User manual
  • 5/8” to 3/8” Adapter
  • 2.5m USB-C to USB-A/C Cable

Sadly, the PD200X does not come with an XLR connection. 

This is done to keep the price as cheap as possible. 

However, it does come with a USB-B/C converter. Because it already has a shock mount, the PD200X requires even less configuration before it can be used.

On the other hand, the 2-in-1 smart knob is located quite close to the shock-mount, which raises the possibility that it may obstruct the route.

 There is a requirement for a microphone stand. Being a front-end microphone, the optimum stand for use has a boom arm.

Unfortunately, you need to buy a boom arm separately to use the mic. 

Maono PD200X Key Spec & Features


The PD200X features the 2-in-1 Smart Knob for adjusting mic gain and headphone volume.

 You will also find a single-click mute key with an LED below are some of its specs. 

Maono PD200X  Specifications

  • Model: PD200X
  • Pop filter: No
  • Adjustable mount: No
  • Shock mount: Yes
  • Compatibility: Desktop/Laptop/XLR Interface
  • Sensitivity: XLR:-52dBV USB:-10.5dBFS/Pa(Max)
  • Frequency range: 40Hz-16kHz
  • Directivity: Cardioid
  • Connector: XLR, USB Type A and USB Type-C 
  • Sampling rate: 24bit, 48kHz
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Maono PD200X  Features. 

  • Microphone Gain and headphone volume control
  • XLR and USB-C dual connectivity
  • Dynamic capsule
  • It is Compatible with PC/Mac, Android, iOS 
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Microphone Touch Mute
  • RGB lighting 
  • 2-in-1 digital knob
  • Maono Link Desktop App
  • The body is all metal

Build quality

This microphone is primarily intended for video blogging, streaming, and podcasting

The shock mount and adaptor are made of plastic, even though the body is metal. 

Put another way, it is not designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of a commercial recording studio. 

Nevertheless, the construction is excellent for its intended activities, which include gaming, podcasting, streaming, and video blogging.

Some buttons, including the dial, have a slightly plasticky feel.

 There is a little button on the button that gives you the option to pick between one of eight static solid-colour effects or a multicolour gradient that is constantly changing.

Audio Quality

The PD200X has a fair sound quality when it is not altered in any way, but it may be improved by making simple tweaks to the equalization settings in the Link program.

 Highs are limited at -52db of gain for a higher level of sensitivity by the microphone, which results in a decent degree of clarity for most of the sound taken up by the microphone.

With the PD200X, high-end frequencies are handled rather effectively, and the range on the low end is delightfully wide, making it possible for individuals with deeper voices to enjoy the experience.

On the other hand, those who have voices that are higher pitched can complement their sound with audio processing on the PD200X using an XLR connector, which will result in an excellent bass foundation.


The plosive performance is only OK out of the box, but depending on how rapidly someone speaks, it frequently muddles words behind equalization efforts. 

Overall, the performance is only satisfactory. 

Additionally, even though a shock mount is supplied, the PDX200X has difficulty rejecting bump sounds, particularly near the microphone’s base.

Another thing to mention is that the manual controls are highly clicky, and if one attempts to mute on the fly by using the actual button, they may become stuck throughout the recording process.

Maono PD200X Price 

Starting at $79.99 for the microphone unit alone, the MAONO XL/USB Dynamic Microphone with RBG lighting may be purchased from the official MAONA website

Alternatively, the microphone can be purchased for $85.99 with an XLR cable bundle and the PD200X for $84.99 with a three-piece set of foam covers.

In addition, MAONO provides the PD200X in various colour choices, including black and white.

On the other hand, Amazon is also a vendor listed on Google, and the PD200X may be purchased for $69.99 for the microphone unit in black, $79.99 for the white version by itself, or $129.99 for the suggested BA92 Boom Arm bundle.

  • It is a particularly appealing microphone that distinguishes itself from other microphones by having a ring of three different glowing lights.
  • The volume may be simply adjusted thanks to a gain-control dial located on the side of the microphone and is simple to work with.
  • Both the function and the volume are shown by the LED light that surrounds the volume knob.
  • Monitor the microphone input using a headphone jack measuring 3.5 millimetres.
  • Everything is straightforward to comprehend on the microphone, and it is quick to reach.
  • The Maono Link program, available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Google Play, allows the microphone to be controlled.
  • Even though the microphone itself is constructed out of metal, the shock mount gives the impression of being made of plastic.
  • Volume/gain knob: You are not provided with a “start & stop” indicator; instead, your levels are displayed by the brightness of a light. 
  • XLR cable: The fact that this is not included means that you will only be able to test the dual connection right away if you already own it.

MAONO Link Software For PC and Mobile Phone 

Maono Pd200x Review

The Maono Link program is straightforward to download, set up, and perform its functions. 

It is simple to pick this option after the PD200X has been connected to your computer or Android or IOS phone, which will ensure that everything is configured appropriately.

Maono Link Download for PC 

After that, let’s talk about the audio processing Maono Link offers: it has specific digital signal presets, similar to the program that Shure offers called Motiv.

 There are several similarities between the Maono Link software and the Motiv software provided by Shure.

 Both, for instance, are equipped with a compressor and a limiter.

In addition, the same types of equalization effects are used, including flat, high pass filter, presence boost, and high pass filter with presence boost. 

Although the Maono Link software is the same across all platforms, the Shure Motiv app has varied functionalities according to the device you download it to.

For instance, one of the most prevalent complaints regarding the desktop application for the Shure Motiv is that it cannot capture audio. 

On the other hand, the Shure Motive Android app allows you to record audio straight into the device. 

Unfortunately, Maono Link does not offer a recording option. Therefore, you must use supplementary applications, such as Audacity.

Maono PD200X FAQs 

Maono PD200X mic is good for singing?

Yes. Another thing that sets the MAONO microphone apart from other microphones is its excellent sound processor. 

It produces high-quality, crystal-clear audio, which is ideal for recording, gaming, singing, and other activities.

Is Maono Pd200x condenser microphone or Noise Cancellation?

The cardioid polar pattern of the PD200X is responsible for rejecting undesirable background noise.

 It also comes with a dynamic mic capsule built right in, and it can record rich lows, clear mid-tones, and delicate highs. 

Using the microphone with professional audio equipment or immediately connecting it to a computer or mobile device is possible thanks to the microphone design, which features two outputs. 

Is the Maono microphone good for gaming?

This microphone performs exceptionally well as a standard microphone for telephone or conference calls;

 it truly shines when used in gaming, podcasting, or even as a studio microphone for streaming and voiceovers.

Final Verdict 

It is possible to use the Maono PD200X Microphone with either XLR or USB connections, making it a cool microphone.

 In addition to getting a lot of favourable attention, the band of light surrounding the microphone is also a sign that it is connected. It is visually appealing. 

Another excellent and helpful design is the extra light ring that surrounds the volume knob.

 This ring illuminates when the microphone is not muted. 

Compression, limiting, and easy-to-use controls control equalization, and the app offers additional capabilities. 

Control over the brightness and the selection of lighting is also available. The design and the layout of the application are pretty tidy.

This microphone is an excellent choice for podcasting and radio transmission, although it has a few drawbacks. 

The design is quite attractive, the audio quality is remarkable, and you can select the most suitable connector for your requirements.

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