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Can You Mount TV on Brick Wall without Drilling? – 5 No Drill Wall Tips

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Over the last several decades, televisions have become permanent fixtures in many households but can you really mount TV on a brick wall without drilling hole?

Most TVs in contemporary homes are wall-mounted, giving the impression of sophistication while also freeing up floor space. However, 

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Is Mounting a TV on a Brick Wall Possible without Drilling? 

This is a common question asked by people who want to mount TV on brick wall.

 We have done the assignment for you by consulting with experts and here is what they have to say.

Yes, it is possible to mount a TV on the wall without drilling holes if you use brick clamps, a hybrid TV stand, heavy-duty adhesives, or any of the other ways outlined above. You could also make use of a drywall anchor, purchase a bracket, and then use a screwdriver rather than a drill to attach the whole thing.

Continue reading to learn how you can mount TV on brick wall without drilling.

Mounting TV on Brick Wall Without Drilling: 5 Easy Ways to Do So

#1. Hybrid TV Stands

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In the case of hybrid TV stands, the TV is not mounted to the wall but rather to a mount that comes with the stand.

 This choice still protects your wall while performing the required space-saving function.

These types of stands are often designed to be unobtrusive, giving the illusion that the television is wall-mounted. 

There is also a modest set of shelves provided for you to use to store any audiovisual components you may like to have within easy reach of your television.

If you want a more polished and visually pleasing result, there are places to conceal the cables.

 For more flexible positioning of your screen, consider purchasing a model that has a swivelling mount.

With so many options, you may choose a display stand that perfectly complements your decor. 

Aesthetics are important, but you also need to make sure the stand can safely support your TV, so measure it and think about how heavy it is.

#2. Use Brick Clamps

Use Brick Clamps

Instead of drilling into the brick wall, you can utilize brick clamps to keep the TV in place. 

Clamps have been used for many years, making this a tried and true solution.

 Brick clamps have a saw-tooth edge that can support up to 30 pounds, so if your TV is heavier than that, you may need extra clamps.

These aluminium clamps enable you to secure items to a brick wall without drilling holes, making them ideal for a variety of purposes such as hanging wreaths, securing cables, or erecting a trellis.

#3. Strong Adhesives

Mounting the tv on a brick wall without the need for a special shelf is possible if you use sticky tapes or glues of sufficient strength.

These are often used for photos or artwork, although stronger adhesives have just entered the market, allowing them to support more weight. 

This is not the most secure choice for your TV, so you may want to see an expert before attempting to install it.

The first step is to have your working area ready. Take accurate measurements of your TV and mark the wall studs where you want to install the mounting brackets. 

You don’t want the TV to be skewed once the glue has dried, so be careful to keep the surface flat and straight.

Next, you should clean the area by wiping it down. The wall must be dry and free of dust. 

Once the area has dried from cleaning, you may use the adhesive substance you have and snugly push the TV into place. 

Make sure the adhesive can support the weight of your TV by following the directions provided.

You can attach your TV without damaging the wall if you use adhesive hangers. 

However, you should also think about the negatives. Adhesives have the inherent danger of sticking things together.

Additionally, if your brick wall is uneven or if the mortar is lower than the brick, it may not function. 

Sanding the brick will make it smoother and more uniform in appearance.

#4 Use Rails Or TV Ceiling Mount Bracket

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Even a brick wall may support a flat-screen TV when properly mounted on rails. 

It is common practice to hang pictures and paintings from rails.

 Still, you may use these rails to safely support your TVs without damaging your brick wall. 

As a result of the rails’ adaptability, the television may be relocated easily. Wood and metal are two common materials for rails.

#5 Hardwall Hangers

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If the margins of your brick wall are damaged and clips won’t work, you may install sturdy plastic hard wall hangers for very little money. 

The one drawback to these hangers is that they must be tapped into the brick, which you may not want to do.

You can’t hammer the nails into a hard block. You also need the willingness to take action. 

This is not a good choice if you are renting or if you don’t want to ruin your brick.

 You may always go back and fill the blanks in, however.

How to Mount a TV on The Wall Without Studs

Can You Mount TV on Brick Wall without Drilling

If you want to avoid drilling holes into your wall to install your TV and don’t want to use studs, toggle anchors may be used for this purpose.

Using anchors is a straightforward alternative to finding studs in the wall when mounting something.

 Anchors may be found in a wide variety of sizes and forms, and each one serves a somewhat different purpose;

 nonetheless, they all have the common goal of securing the screws used to connect the mount to the wall without requiring the use of studs or any other wall damage.

If you want to place a TV on the wall but there are no studs, a toggle anchor is an excellent solution. 

They’ll punch a hole in your wall and attach themselves behind it. 

You can mount your TV securely to the wall with these, as the toggle feature at the end will prevent it from loosening up under any circumstances.


Even though it may seem impossible to mount TV on brick wall without drilling, one of these methods should work for you.

 A few are less dangerous than others, and others are far more intrusive.  It is up to you to choose which alternative best meets your requirements.

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