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5 Best Cell Phone Repair Tools for Fixing Problems with Smart Phones

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Currently, smartphone is one of the most important things we all use every day both adults and young ones, and it is a machine it can get spoiled at any time,

when it get spoiled the only solution is to fix it, in the process of fixing we need best cell phone repair tools that can do it perfectly.

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In this article, I will be sharing with you the best repair tools for fixing smartphone problems.

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Lopener Repair Tools

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Iopener is one of the best and most used repair tools for smartphone fixing, it’s a kit that contains all the necessary tools that can be used to open tightly put together plastic or mental object on any phone.

You can’t stick a blade or a knife into the gap in your smartphone either is the motherboard or screen, speaker, camera and other parts of your smartphone, if you try any of these tools you will definitely spoil something in the phone and also harm you in the process, you need a good Iopener for mobile phones to do the job for you easily without stress.

Lopener Repair Tools

If you need to buy an iOpener then I buy this iFixit’s iOpener because the kit comes with numerous repair tools.

iFixit’s iOpener contains

iOpener – An ingenious pad that you need to heat in a microwave oven and then use to melt the adhesive, iFixit opening picks a set of 6

small suction Cup, plastic opening tools, Phillips #000, Phillips #00, Phillips #0, Torx T5, Sim eject, spudger, and other materials including magnetic pickup screwdriver bits driver.

Soldering Iron Repair Tools

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Soldering Iron is the second on my list for the best and most popular smartphone repair tools that are used to fix our smartphones.

Soldering Iron is one of the most popular tools you will find in any engineering workshop, soldering iron according to its name, is used to solder any components together, like soldering smartphone speaker to motherboard or resistor, screen, microphone and other smartphone parts.

Soldering Iron repair tool for Mobile Phone

Soldering iron comes in numerous watts but an available smartphone engineer uses a 500-watt soldering iron, if you are an engineer and you just want to buy soldering for commercial or personal use, it is available online and offline in different stores across the world.

When buying soldering iron makes sure you select the ones with good handles especially if you are a beginner in the profession so that it will not burn your hand.

Soldering Station Repair Tools

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We have talked about soldering iron, it is very important to mention soldering stations too because they work together both soldering iron and soldering station.

Soldering station is an iron and can also be called a station, its main job is to control because it comes with two control unit that is used to control the temperature of the heat requirement for the soldering iron to work perfectly and get the job done.

Soldering Station repair tools for mobile phones

Soldering station makes it faster and also easier for soldering iron to get the job done than the traditional soldering iron.

Solder Wire Repair Tools

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Solder Wire is also one the best tools that are used to fix our smartphones anytime they spoil fault, I have talked about soldering iron, soldering station and now I will explain what is solder wire because they all work together to carry out the same task.

Solder Wire tool for Mobile Phone

Solder Wire is sold is tin in the ratio 60:40 or 63:37 that is used to components any object together on your smartphone motherboard.

Screwdriver Repair Kit

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Screwdriver is one of the best and most popular smartphone repairs tools that can be found in any smartphone engineer workshop.

Screwdriver Kit is the combination of the different screwdrivers with different shapes and sizes, it is used to disassemble and assemble our smartphones anytime they need fixing.

Aven Tools is one of the most popular screwdriver manufacturer companies across the globe, they export and supply screwdrivers to any country in the world.

Solder Wire tool for Mobile Phone

If you are not a professional engineer, please don’t buy any tools mentioned in this article because you don’t have the necessary and proper training and mentorship to use them well, if you failed to obey this simple instruction it may cause more damage to your smartphone or harm you in the process.

You can reach them online and buy from them or you visit a local engineer materials sales store to buy your own screwdriver kits.

You can also check out the latest mobile phone accessories and also know that the main reason why your iPhone always show iPhone accessories not supported anytime you insert new accessories into it.

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