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How to Choose The Best VPN Network -Beginners Guide

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If you are looking to discover the best VPN network services for you,  I’m sure it would be very important to know what a VPN is first of all. That leads us to our very first question.

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What Is A VPN

What Is A VPN

VPN is an acronym for virtual private network and it is one of the best ways through which you can ensure that your total privacy is protected online as you would be making use of a private network that makes use of encrypted services to give you complete anonymity online. 

All your internet identity and also your traffic will be tucked away and this allows you to use the internet on whichever IP is given to you by the VPN server, pretty cool right?

 Also, you would basically have an online vision since your online activities would be shielded from being tracked by your internet service providers when you make use of a VPN.

There are a lot of ways the best VPN network is helpful because aside from providing you with an unwavering secure connection and ensuring security, it also grants you access to websites that have been restricted or censored. 

At some given time, you are unable to gain access to a very important website because your IP address is being restricted or for other reasons. 

For those wondering what IP addresses are right now, they are a specific set of numbers that are peculiar to your device. 

Using a VPN helps you gain access to any site that you want and also grants you a safe connection to a different server or when you want to change your IP address.

It is very important that you find the right best VPN network so that you can enjoy the quality services offered.

How Does VPN Work?

How Does VPN Work?

The concept of VPN may sound challenging on the outside, but once gotten they are very easy to make use of. Once you install whatever VPN service you choose, it begins to work and protects your browsing data, and helps you use the internet without any fuss.

 VPN has three distinct functions which include;

It provides you with a new IP address and server in general: 

when you connect your device to your VPN service, you would then be able to connect with the internet smoothly. The VPN provides you with a new IP address that is very different from the one that your device normally uses. 

However, the IP address given to you would be shared because you are going to be using the same IP address as other users who are using the same VPN service as opposed to your own. This further strengthens your anonymity and online privacy.

It gives you the luxury of experiencing encrypted connections

 One of the most important jobs of a VPN is to encrypt and also offer protection to your internet connection. 

Every activity you perform on the web while using VPN would remain hidden in an encrypted tunnel so that it is unseen by your internet service providers and also hackers who may be looking to hack into your data. 

Your entire browsing history stays hidden and safe when you are connected to an encrypted tunnel so it doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can be at the white house or somewhere in Colombia or Nigeria, as long as your virtual private network is turned on, there no one who would be able to tap into your data and cause any harm.

It provides complete access and safety to your internet data: 

best vpn network provides complete access and safety to your internet data: 

Some tasks are unavailable to the country, for example, your browser history, your online banking history, and other things You would keep out of the eyes of the public, this gives you the permission to view things that would otherwise be labelled inaccessible in your country. 

In general, whenever you are on the web, your online data and also your privacy is guaranteed on the web as soon as you connect to a good VPN as advised by vpnSurfers. 

This is one of the main reasons why people are getting virtual private networks in droves so that their online data and other helpful information can also be under the protection given by VPN.

How Do I Choose the Best VPN Network Services  

How Do I Choose the Best VPN Network Services

There are so many VPN providers and they all claim that they offer the best VPN network services. I’m sure some people would be confused when checking as it would be pretty hard to determine which one to use.

Although all virtual private networks are able to grant you enhanced protection and also help you gain access to sites, even those which have geo-blocks, some are still superior to others.

Before you go looking for the best VPN it is always better to have a guide on which VPN to pick, vpnSurfers has that all figured out for you, alongside everything that a good VPN should produce and other things you personally want when you are looking to find your best VPN. 

Here are some of the features vpnSurfers use to deduce which virtual private networks would be good for you:

Number of Vpn servers available

 When searching for a good VPN, the number of servers available to you, the location of the servers can affect your internet speed. It is always better for you to have access to a higher number of servers your VPN is going to provide for you. 

As I wrote earlier, you operate on a shared IP address when using a VPN, so there are many users connected to the same IP address you are using at the same time. 

If too many people are connected to one particular server due to a lack of availability of adequate servers, your internet speed becomes painfully slow. It is always a good idea for you to opt for any VPN that offers a good number of servers available. 

The VPN Operating System

 This is rarely an issue however because most VPN providers have services that can be accessed by users of any of the major operating systems. 

However, you can never be too certain so it’s good for you to also check if the VPN you are choosing offers you adequate device support before you opt for it. 

There are a few VPNs that are compatible with an Android device and would not work on an iOS device and vice versa. 

You need to make sure that you choose the best VPN network that is fast, user-friendly, and also aligns with whichever device you need it to be compatible with. 

Make sure that the VPN you select also offers user-friendly browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How Many Devices are Allowed to Connect on the VPN

 It is very important for you to discover how many devices can connect to the VPN service you get when you purchase a subscription. Most of the top VPNs allow a number of devices to be able to connect simultaneously. 

If you have a couple of devices for work, you can get a good VPN that gives you all the privacy and security on all your devices like the ring doorbell. If you want your friends, family or colleagues to be protected from the internet, you are also able to connect several devices to the same virtual private network. 

Most professionals make use of VPNs for this particular reason so that all their data stays protected and does not stand a risk of getting stolen.

 You should however pay attention to the number of devices a VPN can connect to when choosing a good one.

Vpn Server Locations

Vpn Server Locations

 When there are numerous private servers available, you should endeavour to check the server locations and pick whichever is best for you. Do not forget you need to have a very wide range of IP addresses to be granted access to some websites. 

If you travel to various countries it’s very important that you have different server locations in all the countries you visit. 

When you have numerous server locations it helps you gain guaranteed access to various blocked sites when you are travelling to different countries for pleasure or official purposes. 

It also enables you to connect to a foreign server when you need to stream content only available to various countries.

VPN Pricing

VPNsurfers Pricing

Whenever you wish to purchase a good VPN, you should definitely consider getting the best pricing. This means that you should always check for one with the lowest pricing that also gives you amazing qualities. However, I must add that most times, the lower the price of a VPN, the less effective the VPN is. So you should consider that too. 

Also, there are free VPNs too but they have a few disadvantages like less security and they are prone to attack from hackers as they use a shared server.

 However, there are a lot of good and helpful VPN out there which you don’t have to pay too much for. 

Some even offer you a free 30-day trial period to know what their service is all about and how you can use it better. Also, the prices of VPN varies widely and you can get a good VPN for as cheap as 4$ monthly.


 Vpnsurfers is a wonderful platform that puts extra effort into suggesting the best VPN network services for you which you would enjoy very well. It has you covered and it saves you the stress of going to begin the search for a good VPN again. You should visit the website at

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