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Should TV Be Bigger than Fireplace? (Quick Answer)

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The essence of having a fireplace is to enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere. Creating the right aesthetic is crucial for this purpose. 

Are you contemplating the appropriate TV size for mounting above your fireplace or should TV Be Bigger than Fireplace?

We’ve conducted the research for you and here is what we found.

It’s recommended that fireplace mantels be at least 6-8 inches wider than the TV. Therefore, a mantel for a 55-inch TV should be at least 61 inches wide. If your TV is broader than the mantel, you may want to enlarge the mantel or paint the wall black so that everything blends. Most televisions may be accommodated by the 36-inch fireplace.

Keeping this in mind, what is the absolute minimum distance we should retain between the TV and fireplace, even though the fireplace should normally be larger than the TV? Let’s unravel together.

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Can Your TV Be Wider Than Your Fireplace?

TV Be Bigger than Fireplace

Having your TV bigger than the fireplace is not a good idea. While there is no hard and fast rule against it, it is not a good idea to have a television that is broader than your fireplace. 

Fireplaces are meant to be the main point of a room, a place where everyone meets during the coldest months of the year. 

A big TV such as 85-Inch TV Dimensions above this place where people get together will make it look small by drawing attention away from it. 

This might throw off the flow of your room, making it look like a TV room instead of a cosy living room. 

This is especially noticeable if your fireplace or stone wall is light-coloured, as the large black TV screen will overshadow the space and clash with your colour scheme. 

How Wide Should Fireplaces Be Compared to TV? 

If you want to be safe, make sure that the fireplace is bigger than your TV. From what we’ve seen, the fireplace should be about 6 to 8 inches bigger than the TV.

 So, the wall can frame the TV, and the edges of the fireplace will have clean lines. 

If there is too much space around the edges of the TV, it might look like it doesn’t fit on the wall.

Can You Hang Large TV Above Fireplace?

You can hang a big TV over a fireplace, but you need to plan and pay close attention to details to make sure it is safe and that you can enjoy watching it.

 If you are worried about the heat or the installation’s structural stability, it might be a good idea to talk to a professional installer or home theatre expert.

Why You SHOULD NOT Mount a TV Above a Fireplace

It may seem common sense to mount a TV over a fireplace to save space and create an aesthetically pleasing focal point, but there are several compelling reasons against it.

Ergonomics is the main reason against putting a TV above a fireplace.

 For comfortable viewing, any display—whether it is a TV or a computer monitor—should ideally be at eye level. 

This ergonomic concept is broken when the TV is positioned over the fireplace, which can cause neck strain and pain, especially during prolonged viewing sessions.

The second is the quality of the pictures. The majority of contemporary TVs are made to provide the highest possible image quality when watched directly. 

A common result of mounting a TV over a fireplace is an uncomfortable viewing angle that degrades the quality of the TV’s image. 

This may result in less contrast and warped colours, which will ruin the entire viewing experience.

Finally, placing a TV above a fireplace may allow the TV to catch fire heat. 

Fireplaces produce a lot of heat, which may lead to the TV overheating and experiencing malfunctions or even a shutdown.

 It is not a good idea to expose your TV to such temperature fluctuations as this might shorten its lifespan and harm its internal components.

Tips to Ensure Safe Installation of  TV Over a Fireplace

Walker Edison Georgetown Modern Farmhouse...
  • Dimensions: 25” H x 15.625” D x 58” L, Cabinet shelving: 19.375” H x...
  • Top surface supports up to 150 Ibs. and 2 adjustable shelves support up to 30 Ibs.
  • Assessing the Structure: Before you start, make sure that the wall above the fireplace is stable and can hold the weight of the TV and the mount. If you have any questions about the wall’s strength, you should talk to a professional.
  • Height and Viewing Angle: Set the TV at the right height so that you can watch it comfortably. When you’re sitting down, the middle of the TV screen should be at or just below eye level. If you put the TV too high, it can hurt your neck and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Think About the Heat: Since fireplaces produce heat, it’s important to pick a TV mount and TV that can handle the heat and let air flow. Before installing, make sure the stove is off and cool.
  • Mount Choice: Pick the TV mount that works best for your wants and tastes. You can choose from pull-down mounts, tilt mounts, stable mounts, and full-motion mounts. Pick the one that works best for you and your room’s plan.
  • Location of Studs: To find and mark the locations of wall studs behind the drywall, use a stud finder. The TV is strong and stable enough when it is mounted straight into the studs.
  • Perfect Setup: To attach your TV mount correctly, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the suggested screws and bolts to attach it to the wall studs. 
  • Cable Management: To make things look clean and professional, hide and arrange cords in a neat way. Use cord management tools to hide wires and keep people neatly over them.
  • Talk to a Professional: If you’re not sure about any part of the installation or if you’re working with a stone fireplace, you might want to talk to a professional installer who has experience putting TVs over fireplaces.


It’s not a good idea, but theoretically, your TV’s width can exceed that of the fireplace. 

You run the danger of throwing off the proportions of the space and making what was once a grand fireplace look puny. 

In the same vein, make sure your TV is safely mounted above the fireplace.  

Finally, make sure the TV is at a suitable viewing distance and is elevated at a height of at least 42 to 48 inches. 

If it were to be any other way, it may cause some neck pain. 

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