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85-Inch TV Dimensions – How Wide & Big Is An 85-Inch TV?  

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The television with a screen size of 85-inch TV Dimensions is considered the most luxurious option. 

This is the path to take if you have a genuine interest in high definition and are looking for a little more area to expand in.

 Nowadays, customers may choose from various televisions with giant screens. 

There are three main types of TVs on the market today: CRT TVs, LCD/LED TVs, and Plasma TVs

But no matter which type of TV you want to buy, it will fall into one of these three categories.

 This article will talk about an 85-inch TV Dimensions from a technical point of view. 

Let’s get started.

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Smart TV Viewing Distance

Smart TV Viewing Distance

Between 7 to 10.5 feet is recommended for watching a 4K Ultra HD display on an 85-inch TV. 

Without the proper viewing distance, you run the danger of developing persistent pain in your neck and eyes. 

Images may also appear pixelated if you view them while sitting too close to the screen. 

Sitting too far away from the screen reduces the enjoyment of going to the movies because you miss out on important audio and visual elements. 

85-Inch TV Dimensions Screen Size

An 85-inch TV has a diagonal of 85 inches from one corner to the other.  They have a width of 74.1 inches and a height of 41.7 inches. 

However, these measurements may vary based on the bezel thickness of the TV in question. 

Here, we see the border or frame that surrounds the display. 

Thicker bezels are indicative of a lower price and worse quality in televisions. 

But if you’re on a tighter budget, you may get by with a model with a thicker bezel that is only a few inches more prominent. 

Picture Quality Or Pixels In An 85 Inch TV

A 4K television with a screen size of 85 inches will have a pixel count of 3840 by 2160.

 If you divide the whole number of pixels by the screen size, you will get around 104 PPI for pixels per inch. 

How Many Inches Wide Is An 85 Inch TV 

When we think about how wide an 85-inch TV is, we naturally think about the width. 

One of the measures for an 85-inch TV, which is mentioned above, is 74.1 inches wide. 

This is the same as a width of 188.2 centimetres or 1882 millimetres in centimetres. 

If you want to buy a big TV like this one, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space in your home.

 Look into the best TV stand or unit, depending on whether you want to hang it on the wall or not.

85 Inch TV Height From Floor

The optimal viewing height for an 85-inch TV is between 42 and 55 inches. The precise quantity is highly context- and preference-dependent.

 Mounting the TV a little higher than usual may be helpful if a wider viewing angle is wanted when seated further from the screen.

Mounting it at a greater height is also preferable if several viewers are in the room. 

The best viewing height for your 85-inch TV depends on several factors, including those listed above.

85 Inches To Ft Stand Size And Dimensions

85-Inch TV Dimensions

Since the width of an 85-inch TV is 74.1 inches, it is recommended that you search for a TV stand that has a minimum width of around 80 inches. 

Because of this, you will have a clearance of at least 2.5 inches on either side.   

This helps make your TV seem reasonable and balanced on the stand and in the location where the stand will be positioned.

 In addition, it frees up some space where you may put those vital remote controls, which would otherwise get lost down the back of the sofa.

85 Inch TV In Feet Wall Mounting Suitable Room Size

To choose the right room size for putting an 85-inch TV on the wall, you must consider the TV’s best viewing distance,

 easy viewing angles, the space’s aesthetics, the right wall mounting height, and how lighting affects the room. 

Ensure the TV is placed at an eye-level height from where you sit.

 Also, the structure of the room as a whole, including how the seats and lights are set up, should be thought about to make the watching experience enjoyable and immersive.

Is an 85-inch TV Good For a Living Room Or a Tiny Apartment?

Generally speaking, an 85-inch television is best suited for bigger living rooms; 

Smaller apartments are not the greatest places for such a wide screen. 

In any case, the answer to this question depends on the specifics of your place of residence. 

Examine the specifications to see if an 85-inch screen is the appropriate size for you, and whether the television will fit in your apartment.

Our Recommend 85 Inches Smart TV – Our Best Pick 


SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Neo QLED 8K QN900B...
  • INFINITY SCREEN W/ SLIM ONE CONNECT: Escape into the nearly edge-to-edge screen; The...
  • QUANTUM MATRIX PRO W/ MINI LEDS: Experience out-of-this-world detail on a screen made...

The QN900B Neo QLED 8K TV from Samsung’s Mini LED line features spectacular image quality, exceptional colour and brightness, fantastic sound, and outstanding black levels.

Because Samsung’s ‘Quantum’ Mini LEDs are just a quarter of an inch thick, thousands may be jammed into the backlight. 

This produces dark levels and dimming zones virtually indistinguishable from an OLED display.

The lower size of LEDs allows for increased accuracy and less blooming. We did not have any problems with glare during our testing. 

Samsung’s Multi-Intelligence AI upscaling ensures that the QN900A can reliably render superior-looking results from SD, HD, and 4K sources. 


An 85-inch TV is a terrific option if you’re looking for a screen size that won’t overwhelm your living room.

 It provides a spacious area for watching TV while letting you leave the rest of the room open and airy.

With its sleek form factor and cutting-edge capabilities, this sort of television offers a superior viewing experience and will round out any home theatre. 

An 85-inch TV is perfect for watching movies or sports or for a larger screen with greater clarity and detail.

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