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Top 6 AirPods Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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AirPods are popular devices people use to get crystal clear and high-quality sound free of noise.

 Whether you are using 1st generation, 2nd generation, or 3rd generation AirPods, these are always a versatile choice nowadays. 

Furthermore, due to the different brands available in the market, now you can choose the one which is easily compatible with your iPhone or an Android device.

There are a lot of features that make the users stuck on them. Everyone gets stubble once looking at the AirPods features. 

But do you ever know that besides offering clear and exciting sounds, these devices are loaded with a lot of hidden features? 

Yes, there are a lot of AirPods Tips and Tricks that we mentioned in this article.

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Top 6 AirPods Tips and Tricks

Here are the top 6 AirPods Tips and Tricks that can help you use them for a long time.

Use one AirPods to Increase Battery Time

Use one AirPods to Increase Battery Time. 

Suppose you are outside of the home where light availability is the biggest issue. AirPods work for 5 hours on average battery hour duration. 

However, it may be different for different brands. Using one AirPods at a time can enhance your battery life.

Hence, instead of 5 hours, you can use a similar AirPods pair for 10 hours and get a crystal clear sound with only one. 

On the other hand, if you wear both of the AirPods, even if you are connecting one, then the one working automatically connects itself with the 2nd AirPods. 

So, wear one and save power, which you might spend to charge these devices several times a day.

Checking the Battery Time Using AirPods and Case

Checking the Battery Time Using AirPods and Case

Most people, even those who are experts in using iPhones and AirPods, cannot check the remaining battery time. 

Here are some easy and tricky ways to check the battery percentage of your air pod and its case. The first way to check the battery time is to pair your AirPods with an Apple watch. 

Right after pairing to the watch, a battery icon will appear, touch the icon and the battery percentage is on the screen for both the AirPods and the case. Another way is to ask your Siri and check the remaining battery. 

To do this, install Siri on your iPhone and speak how much battery is left in your AirPods. Or you can talk about the AirPods battery.

 After doing this, you will get the AirPods battery percentage on the screen.

Make Your AirPods Waterproof

Make Your AirPods Waterproof

Most people want to use AirPods while taking a shower as they might need to pick up an important call or enjoy their favourite sounds. 

Yes, you can use AirPods while taking a shower.  You can use a waterproof air case to avoid wetting the AirPods and affecting sound quality.

 After wearing a waterproof case, the chances of getting damaged reduces by 95%.

Find Your Lost AirPods

How to find and Find AirPods

Now it’s indeed easy to find if your AirPods are online, and if these are, what their last location is. Hence, you can find your lost AirPods by tracking the last location.

 Here is how to check AirPods. 

Using your iPhone or Android Device

  1. Open your iPhone and open the find my app apk. 
  2. Several options will appear, check for the devices tab. 
  3. Now select the name of your AirPods, and it will show the last location. 

Using Mac, Laptop, or Computer

Here is the procedure to check lost AirPods on any other device rather than one that is handy.

  1. Open and then go to find the option. 
  2. Now sign in to the cloud with your Apple ID
  3. Several devices will appear that you paired with the iPhone. 
  4. Now look at the option for AirPods, press the one which you paired with your iPhone. 
  5. Now check the location and find where your lost AirPods are right now. 

Share Music and Phone Calls with Your Friends Remotely

Most of the time, we want to share music and calls with friends without the knowledge of the third person on the call. 

You must be surprised knowing that now you can avail of this facility by using a hidden aspect of AirPods. 

If your friend is away or near you, connecting an audio call or sharing a musical sound is very easy. 

The New Apple phone provides an option to connect wireless Bluetooth to more than one device at a time.

 Hence, anytime your friend owns an AirPods pair and wants to connect with your iPhone, it’s straightforward now. 

Doing this, you can even play the game together and listen to the same musical live concerts of your favourite star.

Set the Microphone to One AirPod

Set Microphone to One AirPod

Now you can set a microphone with only one air pod as if you connect one; then there are chances that both the pods connect automatically. 

Here is the tricky but straightforward procedure on how you can do it!

  1. Open the Setting app on your phone and find a Bluetooth option
  2. Now an open opportunity appears as My Devices
  3. After that, there are many options; ignore all and look for the Microphone option
  4. Now, look if these are set by default; if these are set by default, you can select the custom
  5. By clicking on the custom option, you will get two options, i.e., either you want to connect the right side AirPods, or if you want to join the left side AirPods, set it with one air pod and enjoy a long-life battery in this way.

Wrapping Up

Hence, these are some AirPods Tips and Tricks you should know specifically if you are an Apple iPhone user. All these options and suggestions made the AirPods more valuable for me. 

There are some more tips, but the ones mentioned above are essential to know to handle emergencies in daily life and to enjoy their real usage.

For the latest information and updates, keep reading out the latest blogs.  

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