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KUU K2 Laptop Review – Affordable 14.1-inch Gaming Worth it?

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Unlike before when students do not have to worry about the type and capacity of the laptop to use. this KUU K2 Laptop Review focuses on price, hardware and performance, battery and the 14.1-inch FullHD display.

In recent times it is imperative for college students to make use of the best gaming laptops in 2020 and beyond. This is so because we are in a jet age, where 95% of our daily activities are done through computers.

Every student needs a quality and versatile laptop for better efficiency and outstanding results.

There is no doubt that the best laptops for college students are those that have all the right software and are seamless to use. If you are finding it difficult to search for the best quality laptop for your college needs, look no further.

In this KUU K2 Laptop Review, we shall be unveiling the features, KUU K2 specification, KUU K2 features, and more.

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What Is KUU K2 Laptop About? KUU K2 Laptop Review

KUU K2 Laptop Review with 14.1 inch IPS Screen

You may be wondering what KUU K2 Laptop Review is about; in a simple term- KUU K2 laptop is the 21st-century laptop for college students and for anyone who desires seamless, sleek, yet affordable laptop for daily tasks.

The KUU K2 laptop is seen as the best gaming laptop in 2023. It is the newest product of KUU Company.

This best college laptop is ideal for those who love spending time on the internet or the front of their screen.

The gaming laptop should be the one you should look out for when searching for a versatile laptop to carry out your daily student tasks.

KUU K2 Features

In this KUU K2 laptop review, we shall be looking at the various features that make this laptop to be the best laptop for editing, the best gaming laptop for game lovers and the best college laptop.

Below are some of the features;

  • Fingerprint Unlocking
  • Detachable Keyboard
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Multiple Touchpad
  • Backlit Keyboard Feature

Fingerprint Unlocking

Kuu k2 laptop fingerprint unlocking feature

The KUU K2 laptop is powered by a fingerprint unlocking feature. Once it is set-up, it is only the owner that has the key to unlock it.

This is a unique way to secure one’s system from thefts or information leaks. As a user of these top-rated best college laptops, you enjoy full protection and total privacy.

Detachable Keyboard

Kuu k2 laptop Detachable Keyboard

This is another awesome feature that comes with the KUU K2 laptop. You can easily remove the keyboard for effective cleaning. If you do not like the color or the style of the keyboard, you replace it without hassle.

Windows 10 Pro

kuu k2 Windows 10 Pro

For Windows lovers, this system is ideal for you. K2 laptop offers windows 10 Pro operating system.

Multiple Touchpad

Kuu k2 laptop Multiple Touchpad

No doubt, everyone loves a unique and smart system. The KUU K2 laptop offers touchpad integration features for users. You can conveniently switch the touchpad and the number of keys at any time.

All you need to do is to slide left or right. This is a technological design to meet 21st-century customer’s needs.

Backlit Keyboard Feature

Kuu k2 Notebook Backlit Keyboard Feature

If you have used a system without a backlit keyboard at some point, you will understand how challenging and stressful it is when typing, editing, or doing other tasks on your screen.

This K2 system offers customers the enabling environment to use the laptop at any time even if the room is dark.

KUU K2 Specification; KUU K2 Laptop Review

KUU K2 Specification; KUU K2 Laptop Review
  • Hard Disk Interface type-M.2
  • Standby time- Above 8 hours
  • Classification- Notebook
  • Screen type- IPS
  • Core- Quad Core
  • Battery- Lithium-ion Polymer battery
  • Front camera- 0.9MP
  • Ram- 8GB
  • Backlight type-Backlit keyboard
  • Back cover- Metal
  • Graphics- Intel HD Graphics 600
  • OS- Windows 10
  • Network- Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
  • CPU Brand- Intel
  • Bluetooth- Yes
  • Usage- Office, Business
  • Display Ratio- 16.9
  • Model Number- K2
  • Function- Fingerprint, MIC, Skype
  • Audio Jack- Yes
  • Screen Size- 14.1inch
  • Screen resolution- 1920 x 1080

Why Choose KUU K2 Laptop with 14.1 inch IPS Screen from Gearbest? KUU K2 Laptop Review

KUU K2 Notebook Laptop with 14.1 inch IPS Screen

As stated earlier, the KUU K2 laptop is new and one of the best gaming laptops for students or anyone. It offers top-quality features compare to other laptops.

The price is affordable, meaning you don’t have to empty your pocket to get this laptop. If you desire quality, yet affordable laptop for your daily needs, the KUU K2 is the right option for you.


On the final note, the KUU K2 Laptop remains one of the best gaming laptops for college students.

This is so because the KUU K2 laptop from the KUU Official website has the basic requirements needed for students to run their complex programs without stress.

If you are looking for a quality, affordable, effective, high-performance laptop for your college tasks look no further, the KUU K2 laptop is the right choice. The laptop would serve you better.

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