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How to Remove Curved TV From its Mounted Wall in Just (5) Easy Steps

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There are several scenarios in which you could find it desirable to detach your curved tv wall mount.

 You may be in the process of renovating your home, in which case you’ll need to remove your curved TV while the work is being done. 

Or maybe you have just upgraded to a curved television with a larger screen, or you simply want to relocate your existing curved television to a new location. 

Here is how to remove your curved TV without breaking a sweat or the TV itself, regardless of the motivation behind your desire to do so.

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How to Remove a Curved TV From a Wall Mount

Before dismounting your curved tv wall mount you need to have your wall-mounting TV guide and screwdriver in check.

It will take roughly half an hour to take down both your television and its wall mount. 

We strongly advise you to get assistance from a TV service expert or a friend.

Step #1:  Unplug the Wires of Your Curved TV

Make sure that you have everything unplugged before you begin the process of removing your curved television from its wall mount. 

You will need to make sure that any devices that are connected to your television, such as a movie player, a video game console, or any other accessories, are unplugged and set to the side before proceeding.

 In addition to this, you need to detach any power wires that may be present.

Step #2: Tilt and Lift your Curved TV

Before you tackle this step, it is recommended that you get some help from a friend since the size and weight of your curved TV might make it difficult to move. 

Get a grip of the base of the TV, and then slowly tilt it towards you while maintaining the TV’s position against the wall. 

Do this while ensuring that the top of the TV does not move. Don’t use too much power if you find that you’re struggling to raise the TV after you’ve tilted it.

 There may be a safety lock mechanism built into your wall mount. Be careful to unlock this before you remove the TV completely from the wall mount it was attached to.

There are a few different types of locks that might be packaged with your TV wall mount, including a screw, a bar, or a pull-string.

The instructions that come with your wall mount should provide you with all of the necessary information. 

There’s probably a screw lock somewhere around the bottom. 

Before moving on to the following step, be sure that the lock has been unscrewed using the appropriate screwdriver.

 If the wall mount you purchased comes with a bar lock, the bar will be able to move horizontally along the back of your television set. 

On the other hand, a safety lock of the pull-string kind often contains strings that are installed on each side of the television set. 

To detach the television from its wall mount, you will need to pull these cords in the appropriate directions.

Step #3:-  Remove Your Curved TV From the Wall Mount

Since the security mechanism has been eliminated, the TV may be taken down from the wall.

 One option is to have a friend hold the TV from one side while you support it from the other. The best outcomes may be expected from this.

Carefully lift the TV up and away from the wall mount until it can be removed completely. 

A blanket or other soft surface under the TV is ideal to avoid scratches on the surface of your TV.

Step #4:-  Remove the Mount Bracket from the Curved TV by Unscrewing It

Remove the curved tv wall mount bracket from the rear of your television by using a screwdriver to undo the screws. 

Make sure that the back of your TV does not get scratched.

Step #5:-  Take Down Wall Mount from Wall

To complete this step and remove your wall mount, you will need a screwdriver as well as any other relevant equipment. 

The wall should then be painted, and if you want to go the additional mile, you could also spackle the holes.

Bonus Step:- Get Professional TV Expert Help

How to Remove Curved TV From its Mounted Wall

If you are unclear on how to remove your curved TV from its wall mount in the correct manner, you might consider paying a professional to do it for you. 

By proceeding in this manner, there is a one hundred per cent possibility that no mishaps will occur, and that your television will be securely removed from its mount.


Is it possible to remove the TV from the wall mount in one piece?

Although you could, it is far safer for you, your TV, and the wall mounts if you first remove the TV and wall mount bracket while leaving the remainder of the wall mount in place.

How can a Curved TV be effectively removed from a wall mount?

The safest and most efficient method is to enlist the assistance of a second person and first take the television together with the wall mount bracket from the piece of the wall mount that is connected to the wall. 

After this, remove the wall mount bracket from the television.

Can I relocate my TV wall mount with me?

Yes, you should be able to take the entire wall mount with you and install it in your new home if you carefully take the correct measures to remove the mount’s bracket from your TV and remove the rest of the wall mount from your wall using a screwdriver or power drill with the correct bits.


The curved tv wall mount can seem to be difficult at first, particularly when you consider the idea of removing them after you’ve finished using your set, but in truth, installing and removing them can be child’s play. 

You just need to look at the steps that were explained above to figure out how to get rid of them, and you’ll notice that the process is not quite as complicated as you may think it is.

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