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4 Evolving Tech Trends You Should Keep an Eye on & Embrace The Future

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If you love tech Trends as much as we do, you’ll want to keep an eye on some of these trends that are likely to evolve drastically within the coming year.

The new year always brings a lot of new and exciting changes with it, and one area that rarely disappoints is the consumer electronics industry. 

Since the year has only just begun, some people might ask, “How can you possibly know what to expect?” Well, the simple answer is that we can’t possibly know for certain. 

Tech Trends You Should Keep an Eye

However, by analyzing what was popular last year, we can gain a better understanding of the evolving tech trends you should keep an eye on.

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The Blockchain

The Blockchain technology

Don’t worry—our first point isn’t about cryptocurrency or NFTs. We’re just talking about the blockchain itself. 

Having a system that can only grow is an intriguing concept. If implemented into pre-existing processes, it would be able to keep interested parties, such as big companies or hackers, from removing data from it.

Plus, since the blockchain runs on its own, it wouldn’t be limited to regular work hours. Imagine being able to move money around at your bank during the middle of the night. That’s why the blockchain had to be in the first spot on this list of which evolving tech trends you should keep an eye on in 2022.

Home Assistant Systems

Home Assistant Systems

With every passing year, the possibilities of home assistants become more fully realized. While the ability of voice command is nearly perfect by now, the big problem that has held it back is integration with other products.

However, with more and more products receiving Wi-Fi connectivity treatment, the ability to control your entire home with a couple of commands is becoming more possible.

While there are probably still a ways to go in this endeavour, we feel like this might be the year that home assistants really take off.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has really made an impression on many industries, especially the world of gaming, but its distant relative seems like it’ll be on the rise this year. Of course, we’re referring to augmented reality systems.

While these two systems are similar, a key difference separates them: VR immerses the user in a virtual environment, whereas AR enhances their current one.

When you augment reality, you’re still seeing the world around you, but you’re seeing it in a way that nobody else is.

Even though we’re sure that this will be a hit in the gaming industry in the same way VR is, AR has many applications outside of gaming as well.

Picture yourself working on Thanksgiving dinner, but instead of trying to follow a cookbook, your augmented reality glasses are showing you what you need to do next. The possibilities for this type of integration are nearly endless.

5G Connectivity

G Connectivity

The connective glue that will truly bring everything on this list together is 5G. On a baseline, many people just see 5G as a faster version of what we already have, but the goal of 5G is to use it with more devices.

For example, smartwatches have a lot of cool new tech in the pipeline, but 5G connectivity will make these devices powerhouses that no longer need a phone to be useful.

It will significantly help speed up the processes of everything else still to come, and this year will likely push consumers to make the switch. 

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