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What Can Apple’s Siri Do? Everything You Need to Know

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The year 2011 saw the release of personal assistant software, which came to be known as Apple’s Siri. This new-fangled technology came with the iPhone 4S release.

The tech saw AI touting without comparison with consumer electronics. Tech giants are all thumbs up for new occasional innovations, which are known to deliver significant impacts. 

Apple’s Siri brought about the voice-activated attendant with such ease that people began interacting with the device through voice search.

Not considering the rhetoric, Apple’s Siri has its fan base. Apple’s statistics reveal that digital assistant is fulfilling a billion requests per week.

Apple’s Siri personal assistant software,

The HomePod speaker too extended the tech reach to the everyday interactions of the customers. The advancements in watcOS also expanded the reach and usefulness of the virtual assistant. 

Apple’s Siri is on people’s checklist whether they want to shorten their time answering a question. It also helps if you’re thinking of checking the flight status, wish to have an alternative route to the traffic, want to send someone a text message, or want some navigation information.

The intelligence assistance works well with the user nuances with complete ease. 

Apple’s Siri is available in all operating systems like iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS. The users can easily customize their digital assistance to experience different voices and change the activation of services.

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What is Apple’s Siri?

What is Apple's Siri

Siri is the personal digital assistant of Apple that comes with the integration of the operating systems.

These systems enable the device users to find answers to their solutions, take a look at the weather, perform numerous searches, confirm flight details, send messages, and much more.

The time-saving feature of Apple employs natural language and doesn’t require the knowledge of some sophisticated commands.

The best thing here is that Siri learns from past user searches and operations and leverages the existing capabilities to extend its usefulness with minimum interaction or instructions.

Now that you’re wondering how to use Siri, the experts suggest going through some online resources like, which serves as a user manual.

They also add that Siri isn’t a utility that aids in noisy and hectic environments or a tool that leverages the complex command’s performance.

 Yes, if you’re thinking of editing photos or videos with Siri, then I’m sorry, folks, Siri won’t be able to help you. It preferably performs some time-saving features.

People use Siri for basic commands and to-dos like “Hey Siri, please inform my husband that I’m running ten minutes late,” and other similar tasks. However, selling Siri’s capabilities short is also not the right decision. 

I say so because Apple’s been touting Siri’s abilities with making payments, booking rides, and display specific files.

Incredible, isn’t it? I’m sure it is. All you’ve to do is spare some time to spend with Siri so that you can learn to perform creative and new-fangled tasks.

But, wait, what are those creative tasks that you ask your favourite to perform? Well, now that you’re asking Siri just about the weather, it would be better if you know its capability of doing a much better job.

Yes, learn how powerful and useful is Apple’s digital assistant. Stick on and count the ways:

Find Files:

Siri offers an excellent way of finding the files you wish. You can say things like “Hey Siri, show me yesterday’s doc files” or “Hey Siri, gather a list of presentations from last year.”

Siri takes note of the file extensions and periods so that you can zero out the documents you need.

You can also use Siri to open folders in Finder and do your work immediately without involving yourself in a more significant hassle. 

Create Reminders:

We need to remember things, and Siri here shines bright like a star while setting reminders. All you’ve to do is say, “Hey Siri, remind me to…, and it will immediately add it to the Reminders app on the device.

Your reminders will reflect on other devices like Mac or iOS as well, so no matter what device you’re on, you’ll be in a position of accessing these reminders.

Create Reminders with Apple's Siri

 You can access your Reminders all across your Mac devices, independent of the device you’re using it on. In addition to this, you can also command Siri to remind you to go to the gym at 3 PM.

Additionally, you can ask Siri to read you your checklist as well as some location-related reminders when you step out of your house, arrive at a certain place, or are on your way to returning home. 

You can also tell Siri to add items to your checklist like “add bananas to my grocery shop list” or “dismiss my 5 AM alarm”. 

Read Emails:

Read Emails with Apple's Siri

One of the most daunting tasks today is the act of reading endless emails without having to miss a single one. But, with Siri, you have your life at peace.

It will not only help you find emails but will also read them to you. All you’ve to do is tell Siri to read emails. Here, you’ll get a preview of the unread emails on the Siri window. 

Siri will then read them and take note of the sender’s name, the subject, the arrival date, and the time of each unread message.

Although this is not the best of the maxims of going through your inbox, it is undoubtedly worthwhile when you aren’t seated at your desk. 

Launch Applications:

Hey, I’m all open doors to a gazillion apps on your iPhone, and I get those apps are fantastic.

But, I’m sure you’re one of the users who get tired of flipping through your screens because you make use of them occasionally.

Well, if still, you’d like convenience walking your way, then tell Siri to open Dropbox or quickly launch YouTube so that you don’t have to scroll through your home screens. You can also let Siri fetch apps from the app store and download them. 

Posting to Twitter or Facebook, sending texts, playing music, controlling settings, and checking free space are some more things Siri can do and make your life pretty easy. 

The Apple’s Siri Final Verdict:

Make Apple's siri as personal assistant

You can access Siri on your iPad or iPhone by holding down your Home Button. All you’ve to do is summon Siri on a macOS equipped Mac and make use of a keyboard shortcut, which you can find in your System Preferences.

Avail of the world of benefits on your Apple devices with Siri and make your work and life pretty easy. 

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