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Mobile Pixels DUEX Float Review – 15.6″ Fully Portable Laptop Monitors

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Technology is quite advancing and innovation continues to shape the way we carry out our work projects and also the way we play some digital games.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Float has been a name that is generating buzz among tech professionals, 

who are seeking to revolutionize their projects as well as their work productivity while they are on the go.

While we take you through our detailed Mobile Pixels DUEX Float Review,

 we will elucidate in detail its features, benefits, specifications, why you need it, etc. 

You can put a coffee by your side while you digest our content.

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What is DUEX Float Portable Monitor About?

What is DUEX Float Portable Monitor About

The DUEX Float Portable Monitor which is quite popular today is an innovative and versatile solution

 that is designed to enhance user’s productivity when handling projects and also to help users create a more flexible work environment. 

The DUEX Float Portable Monitor is tagged the brainchild of Mobile Pixels.

 Mobile Pixels is a popular company that is broadly known for its innovative display solutions.

Mobile Pixels is offering a one-year product warranty to cover any issues with DUEX Float, no questions asked. To order, visit Mobile Pixels.

Benefits of Using DUEX Float Portable Monitor

Below are some amazing benefits you will get when you use DUEX Float Portable Monitor for your projects.

1. Increased Productivity

Using DUEX Float Portable Monitor for your work gives you an additional screen real estate,

 this makes it possible for you to multitask more efficiently without much hassle. 

Also, users can have multiple applications open simultaneously; 

this is one of the outstanding benefits that make tasks like research, data analysis, and content creation much smoother.

2. Improved Focus

With the help of DUEX Float Portable Monitor’s dual-screen setup,

users can dedicate one screen to their primary task while they use the other screen for references or for effective communication. 

Through this separation of tasks, users can easily maintain better focus during work,

 while they reduce the need to constantly switch between windows.

3. Enhanced Creativity

DUEX Float Portable Monitor’s Enhanced Creativity

Are you a creative professional? With the help of DUEX Float dual-screen setup, you can achieve so many results with ease.

 For instance, you can easily work on your design or artwork on one screen while you use the other screen to view your reference materials. 

This helps one to foster creativity and efficiency.

4. Portability

One of the most interesting designs in DUEX Float is its portability.

 It comes in a slim and lightweight design, making it easy for users to carry it in their laptop bag. 

On the other hand, users can easily create dual-screen workstations in any place they find themselves;

 places like coffee shop, library, coworking space, etc.

5. Versatility

This amazing DUEX Float comes with a 180-degree rotation monitor which is very compatible with both landscape and portrait modes.

 Since the monitor is adaptable to various tasks, users can use it for reading, coding, writing, or presenting; 

because they can easily adjust the screen orientation to suit their needs.

6. Easy Setup

Another fantastic benefit is that DUEX Float setup is quite simple and quick. 

The DUEX Float attaches to the back of the user’s laptop through the means of a magnetic adhesive plate.

 This magnetic plate ensures a secure connection without the need for complex installation.

DUEX Float Key Features

Mobile Pixels DUEX Float Review

The DUEX Float Portable Monitor comes with diverse key features; this makes it a valuable addition when it comes to your personal computing setup.

 Below are some outstanding key features of DUEX Float:

1. Dual-Screen Functionality

DUEX Float automatically adds a second screen to the user’s laptop or mobile device, 

making it possible to extend your screen real estate and enabling efficient multitasking.

2. Portability

Another outstanding feature is that DUEX Float is designed with mobility in mind;

 it is very easy to carry about, very slim and lightweight.

 This makes it a good choice for remote work as well as travel.

3. Magnetic Attachment

The monitor of DUEX Float is attached to the back of your laptop with the help of a magnetic adhesive plate.

 This ensures that your connection is secure and stable without the need for you to have a complex installation.

4. 180-Degree Rotation

Another fantastic feature is that DUEX Float offers a 180-degree rotation; 

this helps users to choose between landscape and portrait modes.

5. USB-C Connectivity

DUEX Float USB-C Connectivity

The DUEX Float connects to your laptop or mobile device via USB-C, 

providing a fast and reliable connection without the need for additional power sources.

6. Energy-Efficient

DUEX Float is energy efficient since it draws power directly from your laptop. 

This also helps to conserve energy and eliminate the need for a separate power supply.

DUEX Float Display Mode

DUEX Float Display Mode

The DUEX Float Mode is a fantasy that a lot of remote workers need for their projects.

 It comes with cool benefits like:

#1. Stacked Design

With the stacked design, you don’t need to continue straining your neck while working.

 With the help of the DUEX Float’s stacked configuration,

 users can easily a healthy ergonomic alignment both in their offices and while they are on the go.

#2. Touchscreen for Effortless Navigation

DUEX Float's 1080P touchscreen display

The touchscreen makes your work very easy, as you can easily play with its intuitive 1080P touchscreen display. 

Also, it comes with advanced settings which help users to also adjust

 the colour of their screen to protect their eyes when working for lengthy hours. 

#3. Convenient Built-in Kickstand

DUEX Float's Convenient Built-in Kickstand

DUEX Float mostly comes with a convenient built-in kickstand. 

With this, users can use it independently without magnetically attaching it to their laptop. 

Another interesting thing is that the built-in stand makes it possible for one to attach it to any size laptop.

Why You Should Get DUEX Float Monitor

Getting DUEX Float Monitor for your projects can be of great advantage to your work, study, or other related projects.

From our in-depth research, there are quite some reasons why you should consider getting a DUEX Float Monitor. Here are some of them:

1. Enhanced Productivity

By default, the DUEX Float automatically adds another screen to your laptop, making it possible for you to easily multitask while working.

Through this, users can have multiple applications open simultaneously while they are carrying out their projects.

2. Portability and Flexibility

When it comes to portability and flexibility, DUEX Float is quite a great choice. 

Users can flexibly carry it in their laptop bags while moving from one location to another. 

DUEX Float adapts to any environment regardless of the area you find yourself.

3. Reduced Distractions

DUEX Float helps minimize distractions by allowing users to dedicate one screen

 to their primary task while they use the secondary screen for communication or references. 

This in turn helps users to stay focused on one screen.

DUEX Plus vs. DUEX Float What is The Difference?

DUEX Plus can rotate up to 270 degrees while DUEX Float can only rotate 180 degrees.

DUEX Plus comes with 13.3in resolution and IPS technology while DUEX Float comes with 15.6in display.

DUEX Plus weighs 1.5 pounds (0.7kg) while DUEX Float weighs 4lbs

Is DUEX Float Portable Monitor Cost Budget-Friendly?

Yes! Comparing all the fantastic features that the DUEX Float Portable Monitor comes with, it is worth the price.

DUEX Float Monitor Display Specs

Below are the specs of the DUEX Float Monitor:

Item Value 
Dimensions 14.2 in x 9.1 in x 0.87 in
Weight 4lbs
Color Matte Black
Device TypeLCD monitor 15.6”
Aspect Ratio16:9
Native ResolutionFull HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Input ConnectorsLCD monitor 15.6”
Brightness 250 cd/m2 (max)
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Display SurfaceNon-glare
Touch 10-Point Multi-Touch
OS RequiresApple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Google Chrome OS
Max consumption at full brightness7 watt
Optional magnets4 magnets total

DUEX Float by Mobile Pixels Pros

DUEX Float is a great choice for users who want more productivity in their projects.

 From our detailed research, below are some of the pros of DUEX Float.

  • Dual-Screen Productivity
  • Portability
  • Customizable Viewing Angles
  • Easy Setup
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Magnetic Detachment
  • Compatibility with Both Windows and macOS

DUEX Float by Mobile Pixels Cons

  • DUEX Float can be expensive when it comes to its pricing.
  • It offers a small screen when compared to other monitors.
  • The resolution is of lower resolution when compared to other premium standalone monitors.
  • Although the DUEX Float is compatible with many laptops and devices, it may not work seamlessly with all models.

DUEX Float Review Final Verdict

In this digital age, Mobile Pixels DUEX Float emerges as a versatile and compelling solution for a lot of users. 

From the detailed review above, you can see that Mobile Pixels DUEX Float offers a dual-screen experience which caters to professionals, 

students, and remote workers who are seeking flexible workspace as well as productivity in their projects.

When it comes to its features, Mobile Pixels DUEX Float is quite portable, has customizable viewing angles,

 and it is energy efficient, which makes it a valuable tool, especially for those on the move.

Its magnetic attachment system makes it easy for users to set it up. 

Also, users can effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait modes; thereby optimizing their workspace for different tasks.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Float not only meet the expectations of the portable monitor but it also exceeds it.

 It is quite a great tool for work on-the-go.

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