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How To Fix Altice One Remote Not Working (The Best Practice)

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You have an Altice One control, but it won’t connect to your receiver. 

This problem can affect the Altice One control and most other Bluetooth technology products. But there is always a way to get around it by doing a few easy things. 

You don’t have to pay someone to pair or fix it back up. In this article, we will look at some methods that will help you fix some 

of these problems you might encounter.

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Why Optimum Remote Stop Working or Not Starting?

Sometimes, your Optimum remote might not work for a few reasons. This is a list of some of the most common problems and how to fix them:

1. Weak batteries: Your remote might only work right if the cells in it are strong. Try getting new batteries to see if that helps.

2. Your distance from the box: The remote might only work right if you are close enough. Try again after getting closer to the box.

3. Problems with the software: If your box has problems with the software, your control might not work. Turn your box off and on again to see if that helps.

4. Stuck buttons: If dirt builds up on the controls on your remote and stops them from working, the remote may not work at all. Use a suitable cleaning alcohol to wipe your remote.

5. Problems with connectivity: If your remote and the box can’t connect to each other, the remote will not work. Pair your remote with the box once more.

6. Old box: If your Optimum box is very old, it might be hard for your remote to connect. You should get a newer version/model.

Can I Reset the Altice One Remote if it is Not Pairing?

If your Altice One remote is having trouble pairing, you may reset it. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Take the remote control’s batteries out of the device.

Step 2: Press and hold the “STB” button on the remote, then replace the batteries while you are still pressing and holding the “STB” button.

Step 3: After the LED light on the remote has flashed twice, release the “STB” button and wait for the remote to reset before using it again.

Step 4: Once resetting the remote has been finished, the LED light will blink four times to indicate that the remote has been reset and is now ready to be used.

Step 5: Repair the Altice Remote.

How to Fix Altice One Remote to Work to My Box? (The Best Practise)

Changing the batteries in the remote

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Dead batteries prevent the remote from communicating with the receiver, rendering it useless. 

Your remote’s short battery life is due to its usage of Bluetooth pairing. Since the batteries will last less, you’ll have to change them more frequently than with other typical remotes.

Try repairing your Altice One remote

Your remote’s inability to communicate with the box might render it useless. Pair your remote with the box once more.

Check whether your signal detector Is Broken

Bluetooth is a top-tier technological advancement since it simplifies TV operations. The signal receiver can occasionally develop problems. 

So, the remote won’t show up, even if the batteries are still new and the Bluetooth is turned on.

You might also see the remote blink to let you know it’s linked. However, the TV will not react to the remote control.

 It might be challenging to repair a broken signal. 

Therefore, you should ensure that none of those factors mentioned above prevents your remote from pairing.

Hand-reset the Box

If none of the above fixes work and the remote still won’t pair, you may need to try something else.

 Perform a complete manual reset of the Box.

Here’s how to get the box back to factory settings:

  • Find the button hidden behind the Box to reset it.
  • Hold it down for around 20 seconds after pressing it.
  • You’ll see the box blink and start up again.

That way, you’ll know that the restart has started.

Ask a technician for help 

If none of those works, look for assistance from professionals. 

However, going to the Optimum Altice store should be your last resort.

You should be able to get the problem fixed with a professional specializing in these gadgets. 

The Box itself may be broken, or it may be the remote.

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Quick Tip to Fix Different Altice One Remote Not Working Issues. 

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Problem #1 Altice Remote Blinking. 

If the button on your remote starts blinking, it can’t connect to your Altice box anymore. 

The problem can also be caused by other things, such as software that is harmful and keeps disconnecting the remote and low battery

Here’s what to do to fix it;

Press and hold the 7 & 9 buttons It’s the best way to fix your remote. 

To begin, you must push the 7 and 9 keys simultaneously for a short while, during which the device will transition from pairing to regular control mode.

Check the batteries

After trying the first tip and failing, check the batteries. When the battery in a remote gets low, it disconnects from the box and goes into pairing mode. 

This causes the device to keep blinking every so often. Change the batteries for a new pair to fix the problem. 

After that, couple your remote so that it may function once more. 

Check your Bluetooth

This high-tech remote control sends and receives data via Bluetooth.

 The remote will cease functioning and flash if there is a problem with the Bluetooth connection.

 If the remote control is acting up, try taking the batteries out and waiting 30 seconds. After some time, put batteries in the remote and attempt to pair it.

Restart your Altice box

If the Altice box is stuck, trying cycling the power can help.

 Power off the Altice box and restart it. Resetting the box to factory settings is facilitated by this procedure. 

Problem #2 Altice one remote is not working with new batteries. 

If you’ve changed the batteries in your Altice One remote and it still won’t work, make sure that none of the buttons are stuck or jammed. 

The battery connections on the remote control might be dirty. 

Take out the batteries and use a cotton bud or soft cloth to clean the remote control’s contacts with a little alcohol solution.

 Then, put the batteries back in.

Problem #3 Altice one remote volume is not working

First, try changing the volume with the TV’s buttons, then use the remote.

 This will fix the remote if the TV buttons work but not the remote itself.

Problem #4: Altice remote TV code issues 

A newly purchased remote requires programming. Each electronic device’s programming of the remote requires a unique four-digit code.

 Codes for some widely available TV brands are below.

  • Samsung: 1461, 2831, 0151, 3071, 0051
  • Digistar: 3301,2601, 2291, 0001, 3801, 1131, 0861, 0241
  • LG: 2851,2411, 0051, 0821, 4111, 3301, 1431
  • Asus: 0231
  • Hisense: 0311, 0281,1651, 1561, 0861, 0151, 0001, 0051, 0981, 0771, 3371, 1761, 1661
  • Panasonic: 2751, 2071, 2021, 2931, 1811, 2671, 1831, 0101, 0051, 0131
  • Philips: 0181, 1311, 0001,3811, 2421, 3631, 2351, 1201, 0091, 3611, 3211, 3091, 2471, 2311, 1871, 1431,

Problem #5: Altice remote not lighting up

There are a few ways to resolve the lighting issue:

  • Replacing the batteries: If the batteries are low, the remote won’t light up.
  • Reset the remote: If batteries aren’t the problem, resetting an Altice smart remote can fix the issue. Calling a technician is necessary if the process doesn’t work.

Problem #6  Pairing Altice remote to box issues 

 Fix Altice One Remote Not Working

The following things could cause the Altice remote not to work:

  • The batteries are almost dead
  • It can’t entirely pair with it
  • Something’s wrong with the receiver 

The following things can be done to fix the issues and get the remote to work:

  • First, you should reset the control. Take the batteries out of the remote momentarily, then put them back in. After some time, test the remote to see if it works. 
  • Change the batteries in the remote. The remote is Bluetooth, and it needs to be charged every so often. To keep their charge for a long time, it’s best to use new batteries. Try to pair the remote again after you have done this. 
  • Check the signal on your device. If a signal detector is broken, your remote won’t work even if you connect new batteries to the remote. 
  • Take the box out of the port and leave it that way for a few minutes.
  • Connect the box to power again and let it start up again. 
  • Try connecting the remote to the box again and seeing if it works. 
  • Reset your box manually. Try resetting the remote if, despite all your efforts, it still doesn’t work. Resetting clears everything in the box, even the problems stopping the remote from working.


To sum up, If the batteries in your Altice One remote are low or the Receiver is broken, you won’t be able to pair it with your box. 

Put in a fresh set of batteries and turn the remote back on. If the remote doesn’t connect with the Receiver, reset it to factory settings.

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