10 Reliable Sites to Legally Download Premium Pc Games For Free [2020 Game Hacks]

Undoubtedly, the gaming industry is experiencing incessant growth on a daily bases. It has over a billion gamer users around the globe.

The industry is frequently on high alert based on the usage of gaming websites for PC. Hackers, malware, adware, scam, and more internet vices tend to attack gaming sites.

This is the singular reason why it is important to look out for reliable and trusted websites to download premium games for your PC.

Download Premium Pc Games For Free

With the recent COVId-19 global challenge were social distancing and frequent lockdown are eminent to reduce the spread of the pandemic; there are more and more growing PC gamers across the globe.

Best Downloadable Pc Games

Are you a game lover who seeks downloadable pc games for free? Or you are searching for free games on computer download? Look no more.

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In this article, we shall be unveiling 10 reliable sites to legally download paid premium PC games for free. No doubt, games have become part and parcel of our everyday lives.

Most especially 21st-century youths. Here we give list out the best downloadable pc games you can install on your computer without paying a dime.

We know you are eager to know these games and how you can download them. Without further addle let’s get to it

Best Sites to Download Premium PC Games For Free

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All Games A to Z

all games a to z

This is one of the best and most reliable websites to download games for free. If you desire the best and full version PC game on your computer AllGamesAtoZ is the ideal option for you.

Why you should choose AllGamesAtoZ for downloadable pc games free?

  • It offers huge gaming library so you make your choice
  • There is a forum for game review, so you can easily make your decision. The positive reviews outweigh the negative
  • The gaming site offer genres games like action, racing adventure, arcade, shooting, and more
  • Easy and smart navigation with a custom search bar
  • You have multiple links to download a single game without stress
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Origin Games

Download Pc Games For Free On Origin Access

As the name implies, the games are original and unique. The site offers a variety of free games on computer downloads for users. It offers free premium games with free download links.

Reason to choose Origin games for downloadable pc games free?

  • It provides users with social features like chatting, networking, video streaming and more
  • Offers community integration like Facebook, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and more
  • Awesome wide range of games from PC games to Fifa and classic games like Zombies Vs plant
  • Offers on the house features that allow users to play a paid game for free
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Sky Drow Key


Here is a reliable site to legally download premium PC games for free. It has several games. You can play individually or in groups.

It has interesting games for everyone in different categories. You can play the game on your PC for free or play it online.

Reason to choose Skydrowkey for downloadable pc games free?

  • Frequent updates
  • ISO
  • Several Game options
  • Online and PC gaming options
  • Patches and repacks
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Acid Play


Here is another window and OS X gaming platform. Below are some features or reasons why you should try this gaming site out;

  • Offer a huge gamin library to users. The game collection here is enormous
  • Easy to customize a game search
  • It is one of the best top-ranking PC gaming sites
  • A quick and easy downloadable game for free
  • Multiple selections of game options to play
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Softonic is both paid and free gaming websites. Many gamers and developers enjoy using this site to download the latest games for free on their PC, Android, and iPhone.

There are several categories of game options like arcade, simulation, racing and more

Reason to choose Softonic for downloadable pc games free?

  • Features touch controls
  • Cross-platform emulator
  • Offers multiple language options
  • Very secured gaming platform
  • Top rated
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Mega Games


This is another reliable site to legally download a premium game for free. The platform is OS X and Windows programs. It offers PC game for free and also provide 3D PlayStation games to be downloaded on your PC for free.

Reasons to choose Mega games for downloadable pc games free?

  • Varieties of free game for PC
  • Give you search and download options that resonate with you
  • Offer users varieties of options like PC game option or 3D PlayStation games for free
  • It also provides free cheat codes for games
  • Fast downloads
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This is one of the oldest online gaming platforms. It stands out among others. Provide both old and new game formats for users. It remains one of the most reliable and legal gaming websites for PC.

Here is why you need GOG.com as one of the best gaming sites for downloadable pc games for free;

  • You can save your favourite game on the cloud
  • User-friendly interface
  • Crossplay features
  • Regular updates
  • GOG forums for help
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My Real Games


This website is suitable to download new games. Below are some features or reasons to choose My Real Games for downloadable pc games free?

  • Design for game lovers who like to play genres of games
  • Fast and simple to use
  • All you need to play your choice of game is just a click
  • Hundreds of free available games to play
  • Free of adverts and virus
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Games Jolt


Games Jolt is the idea game website for you when looking for adventure, horror, and action games.

Games Jolt is one of the reliable sites to download premium games for your PC for free. You can easily surf through several video games that resonate with you.

There is a vast collection of games with various categories. This significant game features multiplayer, helps you create support communities inside gaming consoles, and offers a digital colour palette.

These are some of the reasons why GamesJolt is ideal for you.

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Google Play


No doubt, the Google play app is one of the popular websites to download all kinds of games. It is both free and paid.

End users love this gaming app based on seamlessness it offers for free game download and customer’s reviews.

It is the freest gaming apps used by millions of game lovers around the globe.

Why choose Google Play for downloadable pc games free?

  • It offers multiple languages for users
  • easy and quick download
  • Seamless installation process
  • offline gaming mode
  • unlimited number of games

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