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Xbox Series X Game Console Release Date Price, Spec, & Compatibility

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2020 is a year of big upgrades. We’ve seen the iPhone 12 take a new shape and Apple’s shift from Intel processors to its own. We’ve also seen big releases from Samsung and the ultra-new PS5 from Sony.

Well, Microsoft is not lagging behind. The tech giant had already created a buzz about its new console at the E3 games conference in 2019 and it seems that we’re going to get it in 2020.

When is the new Xbox Series X Game Console coming out

The Xbox Series X Game Console as it is called promises to be the best from Microsoft with powerful performance CPU and massive storage capabilities. It also has a wireless controller and a new tall tower design.

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Xbox Series X Game Console Release Date

With all certainty, you should find the Xbox Series X on store shelves and on eCommerce sites in 2020.

But when exactly will the Xbox Series X Game Console be launched? Well, Microsoft initially announced that it will be widely available on Holiday 2020.

This is just about the same time that the Sony PS5 consoles would be released.

Xbox Series X Game Console Price

There has been no official information as to how much it would cost you to get the Xbox Series X. At this point, all we can do is speculate and make guesses based on the prices of previous Xbox consoles.

There have been rumours that the latest Xbox Series X price would clock at $200 for the digital edition while the flagship console would sell for $400.

Considering the Xbox One X launched with a price tag of $500 and is still way above $300 as of now, a price point below $300 for the Xbox Series seems unlikely.

Considering the specs that it packs, the Xbox Series X price should be around $500 or more. Also, the Sony PS5 would be launched around the same time as the Xbox Series X so it won’t be surprising to see a price just below this estimation

. Microsoft won’t want to shoot itself in the foot by selling the Xbox Series X way higher than that of its biggest rival.

However, you should expect the disc-less Xbox Lockhart to be more budget-friendly than the full-spec flagship version.

Xbox Series X Specifications

Xbox Series X Specifications
  • CPU: 8 Cores @ 3.8 GHz Custom Zen 2 CPU (3.66 GHz w/ SMT)
  • GPU: 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU
  • Die Size: 360.45 mm2
  • Process: 7mm Enhanced
  • Memory: 16 GB GDDR6 w/ 360mb bus
  • Memory Bandwidth: 10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6GB @ 336 GB/s
  • Internal Storage: 1 TB Custom NVME SSD
  • I/O Throughput: 2.4 GB/s (Raw), 4.8 GB/s (Compressed with custom hardware decompression blocks)
  • Expandable Storage: 1 TB Expansion Card (matches internal storage capacity)
  • External Storage: USB 3.2 External HDD Support
  • Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive
  • Performance Target: 4K @ 60 FPS, Up to 120 FPS

The Xbox Series X Game Console packs an impressive specs lineup. According to Microsoft, the Series X will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X. Its upped performance encompasses every aspect of the unit including graphics and processing.

The CPU consists of 8 cores with a processing power of 3.8 GHz. Compared to the Xbox One’s octa-core 1.75 GHz CPU or the One X’s octa-core 2.3 GHz, the Xbox Series X should offer improved game performance in every way.

Fitted with GDDR6 memory and high-grade SSDs, the Series X promises to deliver top-notch visuals.

The Xbox Series X’s design deviates from that of the previous consoles. Instead of a levelled design, it features a tower casing.

This design goes beyond Microsoft trying to differentiate the Xbox from previous consoles. Rather it offers a large volume to allow for adequate airflow via a single fan and additional heatsinks.

This allows the Xbox Series X Game Console to perform excellently without melting too to excess heat.

Xbox Series X Wireless Controller

Xbox Series X Wireless Controller

Along with its impressive spec lineup is a wireless controller. The Xbox Series X comes with a new hybrid D-pad and improved latency for improved gameplay.

The controller is equipped with a rechargeable battery that offers a good amount of playtime and fast charging time. In the box, you will find a USB-C Charger.

Will Xbox Series X Support 8K Video?

Short answer, Yes. With the Xbox Series X, you can enjoy an impressive graphics display of up to 8k with frame rates of up to 120 fps.

It also supports variable refresh rates (VBR) which should help with motion handling and smoothness.

Extra graphics features include ray tracing for realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections.

Xbox Series X Build

Xbox Series X Game Console Build

The Xbox Series X measures H: 30.1cm / W: 15.1cm / D: 15.1cm. Compared to the Xbox One X’s H: 6cm W: 30cm D: 24cm, the Xbox Series X is a taller game console. It is also heavier, weighing 4.45kg – 0.76kg more than the Xbox One X.

There are fewer connectivity options in the Xbox Series than in the previous consoles. You won’t find an HDMI input or an optical digital out port on this unit.

This means you can’t plug in and control a set-top box or enjoy home cinema sound with the Xbox Series X.

You’d still get an HDMI output with an Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable right off the box. If your display supports HDMI 2.1, you should be able to enjoy 120 fps and variable refresh rate capabilities with this feature.

Xbox Series X Game Console Storage

Xbox Series X Game Console Storage

According to the specs released by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X will come with an internal storage of 1TB, also expandable up to 1TB.

Wrapping UP

The Xbox Series X Game Console packs a lot of additional features including backward comparability, Variable Rate Shading (VRS) for improved gameplay, a Quick Resume Feature, and support for Dolby Atmos.

Still, there is a lot still left in the dark about this mega console. Microsoft is yet to allow pre-orders for the Xbox Series X, so all you can do is wait till it launches officially.

Though nothing has been said about the exact date the Xbox Series X would be on sale, you should expect some good news by the last quarter of the year.

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