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How to Program GE Universal Remote with TV

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A universal remote can save you time if you have more than one device running your entertainment system because you won’t have to mess with as many controls. 

Many people like the GE universal remote because it works with many different devices, from Blu-ray players and smart TVs to well-known TV brands like Sony and Samsung. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to connect a GE remote to any device or How to Program GE Universal Remote with TV

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What Are The Codes to Program a GE Universal Remote?

How to Program GE Universal Remote with TV

GE universal remote controls are made to function with a wide range of electronics. 

Using a single, easy-to-use remote to operate any home entertainment equipment is now convenient.

A code list including the most often used codes for the most well-known brands of televisions, DVD players, and other devices is often incusually with GE remote controls.

 There are a few alternative methods to obtain the codes you want, though, if you cannot locate the code list for your GE remote.

Furthermore, a “code search” option on most GE universal remotes enables you to try to error-find the codes for your particular device. 

You may use your GE remote control with almost any electrical equipment if you have patience and discover the codes you need. 

GE Universal Remote Programming Setup 

  • Turn on the device you want to program into the GE Universal Remote.
  • Press and hold the Setup button on the remote until the red light turns on.
  • Press the device button, such as “DVD,”  “AUX” or  “TV,”.
  • Enter the 3 or 4-digit code. You can find the code for your device on the GE Universal Remote Codes website. If you see multiple device codes for your device, enter the one at the top of the list.
  • Press Power after aiming the remote at the gadget you want to configure. If the gadget powers down, it means the code is valid, and you may now operate it using the remote.
  • If the device doesn’t power on, try the following code on the list. Try using the “Searching for a Code Automatically” approach if none of the codes are functional for your device.

GE Universal Remote Programming Without The Code

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What should you do if the correct code is not found? Rest assured, the auto code search feature of the GE universal remote is supported. 

In this case, you don’t need to know the precise code—the remote automatically searches the code library to identify the most suitable one. 

However, sending and correctly setting each code to your device will take a few minutes. Follow the procedures below.

  • Power up the device you intend to sync with the remote.
  • Hold the “Setup/Search” button until the LED indicator illuminates.
  • Next, hit the button corresponding to your device type (TV/DVD/CBL/AUD). The LED should flash and then stay lit.
  • Keep pressing and releasing the Power button in 5-second intervals until your device switches off.
  • Turn your device back on manually.
  • Press the Volume UP button every 3 seconds until your device shuts off again.
  • Finally, press the device type button once more to store the code in the remote.

If you’re using an older model remote that isn’t pairing using the previously mentioned methods, and it has an “ENTER” button, you can follow these steps:

  • Power up your device.
  • Press and hold the SETUP button until the LED indicator illuminates.
  • Press the button that corresponds to the type of your device (TV/DVD/AUX/CBL).
  • Enter the sequence 9, 9, 1.
  • Hold down both the Channel UP (+) and the power button until your device switches off.
  • Finally, press the “Enter” button to save your settings.

Where to Buy a GE Remote

The majority of electronics outlets and internet merchants like sell GE universal remotes.

 The GE website also has code lists and code checks. 

GE Universal Remote FAQ

How do I make my GE Universal remote programmed automatically? 

There are codes on GE remote buttons that let them work with a lot of different tools.

 You will need to find the code that works with your device in order to auto-code your GE universal key.

 You should have received a code booklet with your GE universal remote control; it contains the necessary codes.

After you’ve found the code, programming the remote is as easy as following the directions in the manual or this article’s detailed instructions. 

For those who have misplaced the code booklet, the GE support website also has the codes. 

Any device may be simply programmed to function with your GE universal remote control with only a few easy steps.

What to do if some GE remote keys don’t function after pairing?

It turns out that your remote control has certain preprogrammed functions. When you pair the remote, be sure to use the first set of codes. 

To fix a partly paired remote, try a different code. 

Are there code lists that come with GE universal remotes?

GE universal remotes operate with many electronics. This makes it easy to operate all home entertainment equipment with one remote.

GE remotes usually have the most frequent codes for popular TVs, DVD players, and other devices.

 If you can’t discover your GE remote’s code list, there are alternative methods to access it.

 Our list of codes in this post may not work, however the GE website has codes for other devices. 

Code lists are available from several GE remote sellers.
The “code search” option on most GE universal remotes lets you try to locate the device codes by trial and error. 

With little persistence, you can locate the codes to use your GE remote with almost any electrical device.


To sum up, the GE Universal Remote is a flexible gadget that can be set up to work with many home products.

To ensure it works right, it’s essential to take the right steps to set it up and program it. 

Are you looking to buy a GE Universal Remote? You can find them at many online stores, such as Amazon. 

Remember to read reviews and look at the product information before you buy. 

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